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Want to know more about online therapy? This article reveals everything about this form of psychotherapy, from its definition and benefits to how it works, who it’s perfect for, and more. If you’re considering online therapy, here, you’ll learn why more people are turning to this solution and why you can follow suit.
Dr.Leslie Evelo - has been in private practice as a psychologist since 1991
Dr.Leslie Evelo
Dr. Evelo's practice has focused extensively on gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues; feminist therapy; and trauma recovery. Other areas of practice have included depression; anxiety; grief and loss; EMDR; and couple therapy
Dr. Park / H. Edie Park
Dr. Park / H. Edie Park
Credentials: ECU School of Medicine School - Doctor of Medicine; ECU Psychiatry Residency School - Psychiatric Medicine License: 200200581 Certification: Advance Cardiac Life Support Languages: Korean, French, German
Marlene Shiple
Marlene Shiple, Ph.D
I am Dr. Marlene Shiple. State certified and licensed as a Professional Counselor, I have 30+ years of experience helping people to make their lives better and happier.
Deborah Hecker, Ph.D
Deborah Hecker, Ph.D
I am a Social Worker with 10 years experience working with individuals, couples and families, helping them to improve the quality of their lives. My role as your therapist is to provide you with support and guidance, without judgment, allowing you to express yourself openly and honestly.
Catherine Cain, Ph.D
Catherine Cain, Ph.D., LMFT
I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) that specializes in early childhood disabilities from attachment disorders, ADHD, autism, oppositional defiance disorder, asperger’s, anxiety, depression, etc. to adult disabilities including depression, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, and more.
Karen Turner
Karen Turner, LMFT
I believe in people, I believe that each individual has within them a blueprint, a pattern that when listened to will allow them to move towards their own wholeness. I’ve spent my life helping people find that blueprint, and follow the instructions.
Tamra Zeller
Tamra Zeller, MS, LPC
Master of Counseling, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) from the University of Phoenix. Undergraduate degree: BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland overseas in both Italy and Germany
Cassandra Ardoin
Cassandra Ardoin, Ph.D
I have a Master’s and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. I have 20 plus years of experience helping people solve problems of stress, anxiety, and depression associated with relationships, spiritual and changes-in-life issues, addictions, incarceration, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse
Dr. Pat Brawley
Dr. Pat Brawley
I have a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. in Psychology. I am a licensed professional counselor in private practice. In addition to individual and group therapy, I consult with physicians, attorneys, professionals, and athletes.
Carolyn Rounds
Carolyn Rounds, LCSW
Licensure: NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, R205276-1 NYS Licensed Elementary School Teacher Professional Associations: National Association of Social Workers Academy of Certified Social Workers
Ellen Bobruff-Reese
Ellen Bobruff-Reese, LCSW, BCD, NASW
I have over 30 years of experience helping individuals, couples and families work through the issues they are facing and developing new skills and solutions so that their lives work better.

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