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Updated on September 17th, 2020

MentalConsult Reviews: get affordable online therapy support at any time, in any place

General Information

MentalConsult is a promising mental health service provider with affordable prices, vetted therapists, and responsive support. MentalConsult offers unlimited text messaging and scheduled video consultations taking place in a secured therapy space. Despite being a relatively new service, their licensed therapists can help with almost any issue, and their support is quick to help.

online therapy review - get help now

Pros and Cons of Using the Service


  • A variety of packages with affordable prices, starting from $45 per month for texting therapy
  • Texting therapy is unlimited, you can message your therapist right away
  • Therapists are highly experienced and thoroughly background-checked
  • They provide you with a HIPAA-compliant chat and video channels
  • Therapists with different backgrounds
  • Free therapist change by request
  • Online customer support


  • It’s a brand-new online therapy platform
  • The features list is limited for now, but they promise to add new modules shortly.

Are MentalConsult Counselors Qualified Enough?

After the registration process, you will be matched with a licensed therapist that corresponds to your goals, preferences, and requirements. 

The platform checks every new specialist background, as well as all their documentation to make sure they are qualified enough and possess the license to be eligible to work. All clients can easily get familiar with therapists’ qualifications and experience before starting working with them.

How to Start with MentalConsult?

If you are thinking of getting started with this platform, then let’s cover in detail what is the registration process and how to find a professional you will work with in the future.

Step 1. Describe your situation

Fill out a short intake form to get matched to the right therapist for you. Based on your answers you will be matched with a therapist from your state.

Step 2. Choose a package

Mentalconsult offers several communication packages — text and video messaging and text messaging only. Text therapy is unlimited. You can message your therapist any time, any place.

Step 3. Get help & get better

Talk to your private therapist via a secured therapy space and get professional support whenever you feel like it.

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Pricing and Plan Options

MentalConsult has the most affordable prices on the market. Speaking of regular weekly pricing ranges between $45-65 per week based on a plan you choose. It’s worth noting that if you pay for three months or six months, you will be charged much less if you pay for the same plan monthly. So it is smart to pay in advance as it will let you save a significant amount of money.


MentalConsult is a fully HIPAA-compliant platform. Patients have to be sure their data is stored effectively and is protected from malicious actors and scams. Also, video channels and messaging channels are fully secured and transmit data through a secure channel.

Client Support

Friendly and high-responsive customer support is the core pros of this platform. Unlike other platforms, it is live support on MentalConsult, so you don’t need to wait days to receive an answer on your request via email.

online therapy review - get help now

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