BetterHelp Reviews: More Than 1 Million People Got Help

In case you feel that you need support and help of a professional counselor, then don’t hesitate to turn to an online counseling service. Here, we will tell you more about one of the most popular platforms available today. Let’s get started with a BetterHelp review in order to find out whether it’s worth it or no.

General Information

Betterhelp is a popular online counseling platform established in 2013. Their mission is to provide affordable and qualified mental support and help to those people who need it. The best thing about the service is that you can get access to a wide range of professionals and connect with them no matter where you live. This approach is very convenient, that is why more and more people prefer going through therapy online.

You can also check out other BetterHelp online counseling reviews in order to get the full image and understand if you want to give it a try in the future. However, we have covered all the basics so you can see all the core information down below to make the right decision.

Brief Better Help Review

This platform has gathered the best-qualified industry professionals that can help people with all the variety of problems. It will be suitable for everyone as they cover all the main mental issues that include stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, issues with kids, all sorts of disorders, substance abuse problems, trauma, and so on.

online therapy review - get help now

There are multiple ways of communicating with therapists so a client can choose whatever option they prefer. The effectiveness of online counseling is pretty high, so it can be a great solution to cope with mental problems and start living a healthier and happier life.

Pros and Cons of Using the Service

Before we start digging deeper and tell you about the registration process, pricing, and platform characteristics, let’s get familiar with the main pros and cons of using this particular service.


  • Simple, straightforward interface
  • Easy-in-use service
  • Diverse pricing plans
  • Easy to change a therapist
  • Financial help and discounts for those who need it
  • Various ways to communicate with a counselor
  • Free trial period
  • Plenty of certified counselors and therapists


  • Short live session duration
  • A counselor is assigned based on your questionnaire answers
  • Therapists responses might seem a bit generic

Should You Trust BetterHelp?

Taking into account that the platform has very reasonable prices and their team offers financial help for those people who need mental help but cannot afford it, many people are wondering, “Is BetterHelp a scam?” The answer is no. There is no single proof of BetterHelp scam, so you can be 100% certain that you are turning to a professional service with qualified experts on board that will provide you great service and even exceed your expectations.

Are BetterHelp Counselors Qualified Enough?

After the registration process, you will be matched with a counselor that corresponds to your goals, preferences, and requirements. No matter what specialist will be assigned to you, they all are professionals with all the relevant qualifications, experience, and industry certifications to provide you with top-notch mental assistance.

Each expert has a different approach, but each of them is an accredited psychologist, therapist, or social worker who possesses the relevant education. Most experts have obtained their master’s degrees, and all of them take additional courses to stay updated with the industry trends and changes.

The platform thoroughly checks every new specialist as well as all their documentation to make sure they are qualified enough and possess the license to be eligible to work. In addition, specialists have to take an exam and pass a video interview, and only then they can be hired by BetterHelp. All clients can easily get familiar with therapists’ qualifications and experience before starting working with them.

How to Start with BetterHelp?

If you are thinking of getting started with this platform, then let’s cover in detail what is the registration process and how to find a professional you will work with in the future.

Step №1: Fill in a Questionnaire

Before getting paired with a therapist, you have to fill in a brief questionnaire that will let the system know about your problem, preferences, requirements in order to match you with the best specialist who can help you. According to BetterHelp com reviews, you will get the list of basic questions that will help understand your needs better and offer you the most personalized solution that will be suitable for you.

Step №2: Create a Personal Account

The next step will be to create your personal account that you will use for your communication with a counselor. There are options to sign up with Google or Facebook, as well as to create an account with your email. Just enter a password, verify an account, and start using the platform right away to get acquainted with an interface and main features.

Step №3: Define Your Counselor’s Requirements

In order to get the most of the platform, you will have to provide your personal requirements to a counselor you would love to work with. Let them know about your race, gender, age, religion preferences so that you can feel fully comfortable with a specialist. Also, you can indicate what professional experience you want a therapist to have so they can help you cope with your particular problem.

Step №4: Find a Matching Professional

The process of searching for the best-matching professional takes approximately 24 hours. Once a counselor is assigned to you, you can already exchange instant messages to get acquainted and let them know about your problem. You will receive a specialist profile link so you can review their qualification, skills, and experience. You always have an option to switch to another specialist.

Step №5: Start a Conversation, Choose a Plan and Confirm Payment

Now, you will get an automatic message that tells a counselor more about yourself. Before a specialist replies to you, you will have to choose a plan that matches your needs and confirm payment for the first month. Only once the payment is completed, you can start messaging with an expert to get the assistance. You can come up with a schedule of live video sessions or text sessions based on counselor availability. For those who cannot afford pay for therapy but still require mental help, there is an option of financial aid.

Pricing and Plan Options

Speaking of regular weekly BetterHelp pricing ranges between $40-70 per week based on a plan you choose. There are various payment options that include credit/debit cards as well as paying through a PayPal account. It’s worth noting that if you pay for the whole year, you will be charged much less if you pay for the same plan monthly.

So if you are content with the services and you want to keep using it, we will recommend you to pay in advance as it will let you save a significant amount of money.

Free Service Trial

The first thing to mention is that there is a 7-day BetterHelp free trial period that will let you get familiar with the service quality and main platform features to decide whether you want to pay regularly for your counseling.

Keep in mind that even to get access to a free trial option, you will have to enter your card number details. After a free trial period, you will be notified that the funds from your card will be withdrawn to pay for a regular monthly plan. If you don’t want to move further, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Extra Offers

As it’s been already mentioned, the platform offers an additional opportunity to get financial aid for therapy if you cannot afford it. You will be able to fill in a questionnaire to let a company decide whether you are eligible for financial aid or not.


Also, pay attention to the fact that these counseling services cannot be covered by your insurance. Most likely, you will have to pay for the service from your own pocket. However, the prices are very reasonable compared to similar services to let more people get access to qualified mental support.

online therapy review - get help now

User Experience

Speaking of the overall user experience, it’s worth noting that the service is pretty easy in use, and it will be easy to navigate even for people who are not well familiar with similar platforms. The website has a pretty intuitive and straightforward interface that will be convenient for everyone.

Limitless Messaging with a Therapist

No matter what plan you choose, you still can send an unlimited number of messages to your therapist, and it is a great thing to know. Keep in mind that it is not a real-time messaging with constant answers. It works more like a regular email conversation, so it will be recommended to you to create a long message where you will write all your concerns and issues to make the counseling process more effective and beneficial for you.

Live Chat

In case you want to get instant responses from a therapist, there is an option of a live chat that allows you to communicate with a professional very fast. You can contact via your laptop or smartphone. Make sure you schedule a session in advance, so a counselor is available and ready to answer all your questions and provide their qualified support.

Phone Calls

It is another feature to try out for those who want to have more quick and personalized communication with a specialist. It is also a great solution for those who don’t like face-to-face meetings but still prefer to discuss a problem in real-time. Checking with a specialist schedule is also obligatory.

Live Video Calls

It is the most popular way to communicate with counselors. The interface is simple, and it’s no different from other video call platforms, so you won’t have any problems what to do. Before starting a session, make sure that the Internet connection is good, and you will hear and see a specialist well. It is very similar to in-person therapy, but you will be able to do it at any time and anywhere for your convenience.

Switching to Another Specialist

A specialist will be assigned to you based on the questionnaire answers you provide a team with. However, if, for some reason, you want to switch to another counselor, you always have a chance to do this. You have to be fully comfortable with the person you work with, and if you feel that you would love to try sessions with other experts that you can feel free to do it in your account.

Service Cancellation

Service cancellation is possible at any time and for any reason. If you want to cancel the subscription, you can always do it in your personal account, and you will get all your money back for the session time that you haven’t used yet.

Average Response Time

Speaking of live sessions, you will get instant responses from your counselor. In case of regular unlimited messages, the response time depends on a schedule and availability of a counselor that you can easily see on their profile. Try to be as clear as possible with your thoughts and concerns, and generally, you should receive an answer throughout a day or even less.

What to Do if a Counselor Doesn’t Text You Back?

In case a therapist has a very busy schedule, and they don’t reply to you for a long time, you can always choose a specialist for 12 hours. If a professional doesn’t respond to your live messages or misses a video call, you should turn to a customer support team to discuss the situation. The company will reimburse you for the sessions missed.

Personal Experience

To be more precise with the response time, we have personally checked how long it takes. After submitting a message with a problem description, we have received an automatic reply from a system, and then a counselor answered us within 15 hours.

What Factors Are Important to Evaluate Counseling Services?

Down below, let’s discover the main criteria that are extremely important when choosing a counseling service to cope with your mental issues.


You have to pay extra attention to how the company provides its services and what experts they have on board. Choose their profiles to find out their licensure, qualification, and experience to know that you will look with an accomplished expert who possesses all skills and knowledge needed to leverage your problems.


Pay attention, whether you like the interface of a website or no. It has to be very intuitive so you can easily navigate it, find all the information needed with no efforts at all. Also, make sure if the service offers an app or a mobile version of a website for users’ convenience.

Service Value

Before paying for the subscription, you should always use a free trial option to get familiar with all the main features and get acquainted with a counselor. A few days will be enough to see if the platform is worth its money. If you feel that you are not fully satisfied with their support provided, then it’s better to look for another service that will be a perfect match for all your personal needs, preferences, and requirements.


Security is key, and the platform has to provide the highest level of data safety. Customers have to be completely sure their personal data is stored effectively and is protected from malicious actors and scams.

Client Support

If you have some questions regarding the service or you have encountered some technical issues on a website, you can always turn to their customer support representative, and they will help address any problem you have experienced. You can leave an instant message and get a quick answer.

Commonly Asked Questions

Many people are searching for BetterHelp reviews on the Internet to find out as much information as possible to make a well-informed decision. Down below, we have prepared a list of the most common questions about this platform that people usually ask.

Is BetterHelp Legit?

Based on the clients’ feedback, they felt some positive changes after using online therapy and confirmed that it has been as effective as regular in-person sessions. They got their symptoms alleviated, and they felt much better after going through online counseling. It has improved their overall wellbeing, so it is something you should also give a try to.

What Are the Disadvantages of BetterHelp?

The platform offers great services, but there are a few things that would be great to improve. The first thing is that the platform provides only short 30-minute video sessions with counselors that can be not enough to work on a problem fully and will require more counseling time to address all client’s mental issues.

Another thing to include is that a specialist is assigned based on your questionnaire, and initially, it is not you who choose a therapist you want to work with. Of course, you can choose another professional if you are not satisfied with the one you’ve been assigned to, but it would be better if you can select the desired expert right away.

Is BetterHelp Free of Charge?

There is a free 7-day trial available to all users, and after it expires, you will have to pay for a plan chosen. There is an option to pay monthly and yearly. The last option will be more cost-effective as once you pay for the whole year, the price will be much lower than the regular one. In addition, for those people who cannot afford to pay for therapy, there is a chance to apply for financial aid, and if you are approved, then you will be able to get their counseling services for free.

online therapy review - get help now

Is It Possible to Cancel Subscription?

According to all Better Help reviews, it’s possible to cancel the service subscription any time you want. Even if you already paid for a month or a whole year, you can still cancel, and the platform will give you money back for the time that has left.

What to Choose: Talkspace or BetterHelp?

Today, there are plenty of platforms that offer quality online counseling to people who need it. These two are just a few options, but let’s quickly compare them so you can make a better decision.

Speaking of Talkspace, they offer similar services, but the first thing to mention is that they guarantee their therapists will answer you at least 1-2 times per day. Another benefit of Talkspace over BetterHelp is there are many partnering insurance companies that will cover sessions, and you don’t have to pay it by yourself.

Generally, both services are pretty similar, but you should carefully check their websites and get familiar with the main features to define which service you would love to give a try.

What Is the Price for BetterHelp?

The price for counseling services cost from $40 to $80 per week that you have to pay monthly. The final price will depend on a plan that you choose.

Is It Possible to Use a Mobile App?

The best thing to mention about the service is that you can use it on your tablet or mobile phone as there are apps available for both operating systems Android and iOS. An app is very easy in use and has a modern interface that you will certainly enjoy. The mobile version will be perfect for getting a therapy session even on the go or if you are away from home.

Summing It Up

It is pretty much everything about the platform. Carefully read BetterHelp counseling reviews to make the right decision and decide whether this service is something that you’ve been looking for.