Best Online Therapy Platforms 2024

Dr.Mental already tested and compared providers to help you make the best decision.

Looking for anxiety counseling, emotional support, therapy for depression, or mental health help with any other issues? Dr.Mental already tested and compared platforms to help you make the best decision.

Editor's Top 10 Selections for 2024

These reviews were created by our editorial team, and we try to keep them up-to-date. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact the providers listed below to get more information. Note that some of the platforms listed pay referral fees to this website.


Price: $50-$73 Per Week
  • Diverse subscription packages available
  • HIPAA-compliant platform & app with text and video sessions
  • Unlimited messaging
  • 2-hour personalized matching with therapist
  • Therapists work with a wide range of issues
  • Free therapist switch
  • Special discount for the first month and financial aid
  • Not covered by Medicare or private insurance
Calmerry is a promising mental health service provider with affordable prices, vetted therapists, and responsive support. Calmerry offers unlimited text messaging and scheduled video consultations in a confidential therapy room. Besides online therapy, they created integrated tools for self-help and well-being.
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Price: $60-$90 Per Week
  • Diverse pool of therapists
  • Text, audio & live messaging
  • Reviews from customers are mostly positive
  • It's possible to switch therapists
  • Slow support system
  • Therapists are often overworked and feel distracted
  • Sometimes therapists are late for video sessions
BetterHelp is one of the world's largest mental health service providers, popular among 1 million people. The company has over 8,000 licensed counselors with a Master's or Doctorate on a team and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Clients are offered dedicated therapy plans for teens, adults, and couples, and free access to online group webinars.
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Price: $65-$115 Per Week
  • Simple sign-up & easy-to-use app
  • You pick a licensed therapist yourself
  • Communication via text and live video sessions
  • Accepts insurance
  • Therapist evaluation surveys can sometimes be annoying
  • Some therapists provide only short responses
Talkspace is one of the largest online therapy platforms, featuring thousands of licensed therapists spanning all 50 states. The service has helped over 1 million people deal with addiction, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, LGBTQ struggles, and other issues. In addition to standard services, Talkspace offers couples and teen counseling. All services are HIPAA-compliant.
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Price: $85-$325 Per Week
  • Several subscription plans to choose from
  • Individual therapy & medication management
  • Accepts insurance
  • Users can pay with HSA and FSA cards
  • Prescriptions are mailed directly to your home
  • Insurance coverage varies by state
  • No services for couples, families, and teens
Cerebral offers a comprehensive range of mental health service, including therapy, medication management, and care counseling, all accessible through their robust online platform.
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Price: $79-$109 Per Week
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Transparent pricing
  • Licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and MDs
  • Covered by many insurance providers
  • Services available 24/7
  • Couples and teen therapy available
  • Mobile app support
  • There are no subscription plans
  • Inaccurate billing practices
  • No messaging therapy
Amwell is a virtual healthcare platform that connects people in all 50 states with board-certified medical practitioners and licensed therapists who offer a variety of mental health services. The company makes it simple to access quality care, anywhere and whenever you need it, providing a safe virtual space to get the necessary treatments, qualified advice, or professional assistance.
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Pride Counseling

Price: $60-$90 Per Week
  • Designed specifically for LGBTQ+ community
  • Live chat, phone, and video session available
  • Membership can be canceled anytime
  • 100% confidentiality (all messages are encrypted)
  • Transparent pricing plan & flat monthly fee
  • Not covered by health insurance
  • No free trial & money-back guarantee
  • Lengthy Sign-up questionnaire
Pride Counseling employs licensed, accredited psychologists and therapists with at least three years of hands-on experience dealing with community-related issues. What's great about the company is that you are not required to use your real email address or even name to get help with any mental health issue. The whole sign-up process takes up to 5 minutes, and counselors are available 24/7.
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Teen Counseling

Price: $60-$90 Per Week
  • Wonderful option for teenagers aged 13-19
  • Therapy sessions can be held by way of an app, by phone, text, and video
  • All user-therapist communication is private and takes place in the individual chat room
  • Access to your therapist 24/7
  • Unlimited counseling & transparent pricing
  • No free trial & live chat with the support team on the website
  • Requires parents to give consent for therapy
  • Counselors may not be accessible 24/7
Founded in 2013, Teen Counseling is focused on helping teenagers with the most common concerns, such as stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger, bullying, eating disorders, addictions, and other age-specific issues. All of the company's counselors are licensed and trained Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors, and Clinical Social Workers.
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Teladoc Health

Price: $89-$119 Per Week
  • Available therapy types include individual sessions, and medication management
  • Ability to select your own therapist
  • Insurance is accepted, although Medicare is not
  • Appointments available on nights and weekends
  • Payments can be made using HSA/FSA accounts
  • Does not offer text therapy
Teladoc Health offers virtual therapy with a network of credentialed providers available daily. It's suitable for individuals facing anxiety, depression, or mood swings, with options for consultations via video or phone. Additionally, Teladoc provides separate medication management services.
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Faithful Counseling

Price: $60-$90 Per Week
  • Caters to individuals who want faith-based counseling
  • Free educational seminars & 7-day trial available
  • Complete confidentiality (you can sign up using a nickname)
  • Unlimited access to counselors via live chat, weekly video & phone calls
  • You are connected to a counselor before payment
  • Automatic sign-up & matching with counselors
  • Live assessment may be required to start therapy
  • Little interaction and slow responses from counselors
Built specifically for Christians, Faithful Counseling employs over 3,000 therapists equipped to handle anxiety, relationship, religion, parenting, depression, stress, grief, LGBTQ, and other mental health issues from a Christian point of view. The company provides financial aid to those clients who can’t afford counseling. Non-Christians and non-believers are also welcome to use the service.
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7 cups of Tea

Price: $150-$150 Per Week
  • Three-day trial period
  • Perfect for teens between 13 and 17
  • You can communicate with trained volunteer listeners for free
  • Scheduled group sessions and chat rooms for specific issues available
  • Works on mobile and desktop
  • Therapists respond once or twice per day
  • Absence of video/audio chatting or in-person appointments
  • Non-intuitive user interface
7 Cups of Tea is an excellent option for adults and teens who either can't afford to see a therapist or are not sure they need counseling. This service provides the opportunity to talk to trained volunteer listeners for free or licensed counselors for money and join group support sessions that address depression, anxiety, and other issues. All communication is conducted through online chat and is anonymous.
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Why Is Online Therapy a Convenient Solution?

Working with a licensed counselor online means no need to travel to visit the therapist's office. It means arranging a session in the morning, evening, or during lunch break and saving time and money.

Also, online therapy allows you to find a therapist who best meets your needs. You can continue getting support from them even during vacation or illness.

Several studies have shown that online therapy is as effective as or even more effective than in-person therapy for mood and anxiety disorders.

Our Selection Criteria for 2024’s Top Online Therapy Services

All information, rankings, and reviews on this website are based on a thorough analysis of each platform, customer success stories, feedback from professional therapists, and our team’s experience.

Service Review:

Qualifications, expertise, and effectiveness of the mental health professionals affiliated with the service.

Service Review:

Variety of services offered, such as types of therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and specialized treatments for specific conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.

Service Review:

Analyze how users interact with the platform. This includes ease of use, the simplicity of the registration process, the effectiveness of the matching system with therapists, and overall user satisfaction.

Service Review:

Pricing structure, including transparency about costs, the availability of subscription models or pay-per-session options, and overall value for money.

Service Review:

Platform’s adherence to privacy laws and regulations, such as HIPAA in the U.S.

Service Review:

Aggregated viewpoints of numerous review websites and user interviews.

What Is Therapy At All?

Therapy is a powerful tool that can help us change the way we deal with our problems, think of ourselves, and build relationships with others.

It’s usually the first-line treatment that helps you cope with and overcome emotional problems and make positive changes in your life.

Therapy is one of the best ways to care for your mental health. With the guidance of a licensed mental health professional, your efforts, and the best therapies methods, you work in an atmosphere of full acceptance and support. You can share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and feel understood. It can help build focus and get you closer to your goals.

Therapy can take place face-to-face or over the Internet.

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is a web-based form of provision of therapy or counseling services. It involves a therapist and a client having sessions through the Internet.

There are many online therapy platforms today. For example, TalkSpace, Calmerry, BetterHelp, etc. They provide a safe, unbiased environment where people can work through their problems and get help and support from mental health professionals.

You can find some of the best online therapy providers on our website!

How Does Online Therapy Work?

Online therapy and counseling websites use various communication means:

  • Asynchronous and instant messaging
  • Emails
  • Online chats
  • Video calls
  • Phone calls
  • Media sharing

They aim to provide an experience as close as possible to the traditional face-to-face visits. But online counseling services are more accessible. It does not require a client to visit a brick-and-mortar office. They can find an online therapist or get matched with them easily — on websites and apps.

A mental health professional can also reach out to the client whenever they need it from any device.

Does Online Therapy Really Work? Is It Effective?

Online therapy can be just as effective as in-person. This is the finding of several studies. For example, a   proved that online cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) is as effective as a face-to-face treatment for depressive and anxiety disorders. Web-based sessions are a solution for many people. It allows them to text and talks comfortably about the most personal thoughts, emotions, and feelings without the fear of judgment. They can get the support they need by joining the best online therapy 2024 platforms we compiled on this website. Mental health professionals can easily help clients to make positive changes in their lives and find inner strength. The important step is to find your best online counseling platform/app. Important: e-therapy is not for everyone. If you or your loved one need immediate help, reach out to emergency numbers or sites.

What Are The Differences Between Face-To-Face Therapy And Online Therapy?

Firstly, the cost could be different. Usually, even on the best online therapy sites, the price is cheaper. Face-to-face therapy is more expensive, and you spend more time and money commuting to the office.

Secondly, you need to take time off work or your home duties to get to the counselor’s office. Getting help online is wherever and whenever comfortable for you.

Thirdly, the form of communication. During face-to-face meetings, you and your therapist can see body language and recognize the most subtle cues of each other. If it’s text therapy, it could be more difficult to do it. That’s why many prefer video calls. Video sessions usually last from 30 minutes to an hour.

However, text counseling gives you more time to reflect, and you don’t have to remember everything discussed — it’s all on your device.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Face-To-Face Therapy?

The disadvantage of face-to-face therapy is that it may be costly and time-consuming for those who don’t live near a mental health professional or have limited scheduling options.

Also, clients have to schedule the appointments in advance, which can be a problem due to the busy lifestyle and a counselor’s workload.

Besides, it can be difficult for people who live in remote areas — therapists are not always available nearby.

Therapy websites provide more flexibility and accessibility in these matters. However, e-counseling may not be an appropriate option for people who need more intense health care and attention.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Therapy?

Accessibility, affordability, and convenience are some of the recognized features of online therapy. These prove various online counseling reviews.

  • Online therapy provides greater privacy and anonymity
  • It saves time and money
  • It can be useful for those who can’t talk about their problems with a clinician in-person
  • It’s an effective way for people who are remote or unable to travel to get the help they need without having to leave their houses
  • It makes it easier for people with unpredictable schedules to get support and treatment
  • It also helps people who live in remote areas where there are few or no mental health professionals available
  • It makes it easier to access the best therapy sites — all you need is your favorite device and the Internet.
  • It’s an accessible way for anyone to care for their mental health anytime

Is Online Therapy Secure And Confidential?

Online therapy is a secure alternative to in-person sessions. You can use nicknames, and there is less risk of in-person meetings with other clients. This ensures your confidentiality.

Besides, to make online therapy as safe as possible, all — best therapy sites and less popular ones — use high-end encryption and privacy tools. Also, they abide by the widely-adopted standards for the protection of sensitive information (i.e, HIPAA, HITRUST CSF).

What Do I Need To Know Before Choosing Online Therapy?

Online therapy is not an absolute replacement for face-to-face therapy. And if you need more intense mental health care, are in crisis, have a severe mental health condition or self-harm or suicidal thoughts, choose appropriate help.

Still, e-counseling can be used as a good alternative for many people who can get help with many emotional issues and just care for themselves.

Your first job is to choose the best online therapists and platforms that suit you. It’s easier after reading our 30+ online therapy reviews.