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These reviews were created by our editorial team, and we try to keep it up-to-date. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact the providers listed below to get more information. Note that some of the providers listed pay referral fees to this website.


Price: $42-$90 Per Week
  • Great option for cost-conscious customers
  • Therapists are highly experienced and thoroughly background-checked
  • HIPAA-compliant platform with text and video sessions available
  • Therapists work with a wide range of issues
  • Support is responsive and helpful
  • You are able to switch therapists anytime
  • Service is relatively new
Calmerry is a promising mental health service provider with affordable prices, vetted therapists, and responsive support. Calmerry offers unlimited text messaging and scheduled video consultations taking place in a confidential therapy room. Despite being a relatively new service, their licensed therapists are able to help with almost any issue, and their support is quick to help.
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Price: $65-$115 Per Week
  • Simple sign-up & easy-to-use app
  • You pick a licensed therapist yourself
  • Communication via text, video, or audio messaging
  • Live sessions available
  • Special Offer: $65 off with code APPLY65
  • Absence of free trial Period
  • Therapist evaluation surveys can sometimes be annoying
  • Some therapists provide only short responses
Talkspace was founded in 2012 and quickly became one of the industry leaders. The service employs 3,000+ background checked mental health counselors who have helped over 1 million people deal with addiction, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, LGBTQ struggles, and other issues. Apart from standard services, Talkspace offers couples and teen counseling. All services are HIPAA compliant.
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Online Therapy

Price: $40-$75 Per Week
  • CBT-trained therapists
  • 30-min live chat sessions each week
  • Access to a therapy toolbox, including sections, worksheets, and more
  • Yoga and meditation sessions available
  • You can switch therapists anytime
  • No mobile app
  • Some therapists only respond within 24 hours
  • Absence of video therapy sessions is famous for its use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Its therapists provide counseling for addiction, anger, depression, and other issues. There is no phone or video chat option, but users can enjoy limitless communication with therapists through unique worksheets. Users are also offered meditation and yoga classes and a forum where one can talk to other patients with similar conditions.
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Price: $55-$95 Per Week
  • Budget-friendly prices prices, starting from $45 per week
  • Weekly packages available
  • User friendly interface, connect from any device
  • Therapists specialized in a variety of mental health issues
  • Your data is protected by fully-encrypted therapy space
  • Switch therapists for free
  • Cancel anytime policy
  • It is not covered by insurance
  • Therapists can’t prescribe medication
Primetherapist is a relatively new secure online therapy platform that connects clients with highly qualified therapists who are experts in using modern evidence-based approaches to address different mental health issues. You can communicate with your therapist using unlimited text messaging or schedule video sessions from the comfort of your device. The platform offers budget-friendly prices, and you can always rely on their support team.
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Price: $60-$90 Per Week
  • Diverse pool of therapists
  • Text, audio & live messaging
  • Reviews from customers are mostly positive
  • It's possible to switch therapists
  • Slow support system
  • Therapists are often overworked and feel distracted
  • Sometimes therapists are late for video sessions
Betterhelp is one of the world's largest mental health service provider popular among 1 million people. The company has over 8,000 licensed counselors with a Master's or a Doctorate on a team and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Clients are offered dedicated therapy plans for teens, adults, and couples, free access to online groupinars for 20 topics, and a possibility to choose a communication mode.
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Pride Counseling

Price: $60-$90 Per Week
  • Designed specifically for LGBTQ+ community
  • Live chat, phone, and video session available
  • Membership can be canceled anytime
  • 100% confidentiality (all messages are encrypted)
  • Transparent pricing plan & flat monthly fee
  • Not covered by health insurance
  • No free trial & money-back guarantee
  • Lengthy Sign-up questionnaire
Pride Counseling employs licensed, accredited psychologists and therapists with at least three years of hands-on experience dealing with community-related issues. What's great about the company is that you are not required to use your real email address or even name to get help with any mental health issue. The whole sign-up process takes up to 5 minutes, and counselors are available 24/7.
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Teen Counseling

Price: $60-$90 Per Week
  • Wonderful option for teenagers aged 13-19
  • Therapy sessions can be held by way of an app, by phone, text, and video
  • All user-therapist communication is private and takes place in the individual chat room
  • Access to your therapist 24/7
  • Unlimited counseling & transparent pricing
  • No free trial & live chat with the support team on the website
  • Requires parents to give consent for therapy
  • Counselors may not be accessible 24/7
Founded in 2013, Teen Counseling is focused on helping teenagers with the most common concerns, such as stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger, bullying, eating disorders, addictions, and other age-specific issues. All of the company's counselors are licensed and trained Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors, and Clinical Social Workers.
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Health Sapiens

Price: $149-$149 Per Week
  • Therapists can prescribe medication
  • All therapists are available 24/7 from online portal
  • Sessions are conducted via phone or video call
  • Getting matched with a therapist takes 15 minutes
  • Absence of per-visit fees or co-pays
  • No option to select a preferred Therapist
  • You Need a good internet connection for sessions
  • No free trial Period offered
Providing unlimited access to a vast number of US doctors and certified therapists via phone and video sessions, Health Sapiens is an excellent alternative to traditional healthcare. The service allows you to get treatment and advice on such medical conditions as colds, infections, depression, and much more. One of its significant benefits is that you can have refills and prescriptions sent to your pharmacy.
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Faithful Counseling

Price: $60-$90 Per Week
  • Caters to individuals who want faith-based counseling
  • Free educational seminars & 7-day trial available
  • Complete confidentiality (you can sign up using a nickname)
  • Unlimited access to counselors via live chat, weekly video & phone calls
  • You are connected to a counselor before payment
  • Automatic sign-up & matching with counselors
  • Live assessment may be required to start therapy
  • Little interaction and slow responses from counselors
Built specifically for Christians, Faithful Counseling employs over 3,000 therapists equipped to handle anxiety, relationship, religion, parenting, depression, stress, grief, LGBTQ, and other mental health issues from a Christian point of view. The company provides financial aid to those clients who can’t afford counseling. Non-Christians and non-believers are also welcome to use the service.
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7 cups of Tea

Price: $150-$150 Per Week
  • Three-day trial period
  • Perfect for teens between 13 and 17
  • You can communicate with trained volunteer listeners for free
  • Scheduled group sessions and chat rooms for specific issues available
  • Works on mobile and desktop
  • Therapists respond once or twice per day
  • Absence of video/audio chatting or in-person appointments
  • Non-intuitive user interface
7 Cups of Tea is an excellent option for adults and teens who either can't afford to see a therapist or are not sure they need counseling. This service provides the opportunity to talk to trained volunteer listeners for free or licensed counselors for money and join group support sessions that address depression, anxiety, and other issues. All communication is conducted through online chat and is anonymous.
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Turnaround Anxiety

Price: $99-$139 Per Week
  • Specializes in counseling kids
  • Licensed therapists with 30 years of experience
  • Audio program that teaches kids to overcome anxiety available
  • Mobile-friendly platform that is accessible on any device
  • Free program Samples
  • Distance therapy is only available to purchasers of the Turnaround program
  • Additional paperwork may be required
  • No video lessons available
Turnaround Anxiety is an effective alternative to medication based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The service offers a unique audio program to provide anxiety relief for kids, online consultations with highly-qualified therapists, numerous relaxation exercises, and helpful information for parents. All customers receive a 90-day money-back guarantee.
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Why Online Therapy Is a
Convenient Solution?

The web has slowly changed everything about our way of life, and now online counseling can be easily accessed from your laptop or your smartphone.

Working with a licensed counselor online means no need to travel long distances to visit the therapist's office. It means arranging a session in the morning, evening, or during lunch break and saving hours that would have to be put toward face-to-face counseling.

Another reason to go for online therapy is that it gives you the freedom to find a therapist that best meets your needs and continue treatment even during vacation or illness.

Multiple studies have shown that online therapy is 19% more effective than in-person in two months perspective.

Multiple studies published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare have shown that online therapy is 19% more effective than in-person in two months perspective.

Your Questions Answered

All information, rankings, and reviews appearing on this website are based on a thorough analysis of each service, customer success stories, feedback from professional therapists, and our team’s experience.

Are Therapists Licensed?

Yes. All therapists are licensed and trained to treat behavioral, mental, and emotional health conditions.

Is It Secure & Confidential?

Each of the above sites takes serious steps to keep information secure, and some allow using a nickname.

Is It Affordable?

Yes. Face-to-face treatment will cost you $200 per session while online therapy — only $65-$99 per week.

How Does It Work?

Once you sign up, you will schedule sessions with your therapist and log in to your account at the agreed time.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Online therapy is a fit for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental issues.

Is Therapy Available 24/7?

Online therapy is flexible, and with most of the services above, you can receive help 24/7, even on the go.

What Are the Best Online Therapy Providers of 2021?

The feeling of being overwhelmed has increased as people struggle with stress and depression. Almost everyone has a battle that he or she is fighting from within. A tight schedule at work or the lack of a job may cause stress like a relationship that is not doing well.
Yet, the average person’s schedule is becoming busier with less or no time left for self-care. Still, all is not lost. If you are overwhelmed and need help, you can get it online. Whether you need assistance alone or as a couple, you can quickly get therapy online. We have compiled the best online therapy websites below.

Best in Inclusivity: TalkSpace

TalkSpace believes that finding the right therapist makes a huge difference in one’s life. They have thousands of therapists who are verified and passed a strict background check. Whether you are male or female, child or adult, TalkSpace has a comfortable environment for everyone.
When you visit the site, it prompts you to fill an assessment form that helps the managers match your profile with the right therapist. Once you get a match, you may begin your sessions immediately.

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Benefits and Limitations

Talkspace offers a comfortable environment for everyone. Hence it is inclusive for all groups. Anyone can get help on the site. It is also available on Android and iOS, thus, accessible to everyone with a smartphone.
The disadvantage is that you may not have the freedom to choose your therapist. But you can talk to the management if you want to change your therapist.

Best Service Accessible Any Time: BetterHelp

If you need therapy spontaneously, BetterHelp is what you need. The site is the best in terms of communication as they have a very efficient live chat. You can initiate a conversation with your therapist while anywhere and at any time.
It is similar to Talkspace, as you have to answer a few questions so that they can match you with the right therapist. They have specialized services for teens, couples, and individuals.

Benefits and Limitations

You can have a live chat or a video session with your therapist. You determine how you want the therapist to help you. Such freedom makes a lot of difference for people with strict work schedules. However, their system of matching customers with psychiatrists may not be effective all the time.

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Best for Partners: Regain

If you are a couple looking for the best online therapy sites, once you visit Regain, your search may be over. The site has specialized therapists who understand the dynamics of relationships. They have helped numerous individuals who have left nothing but good reviews.
Your relationship doesn’t have to be in turmoil to get help on Regain. They also help couples who are doing well to strengthen their relationships and do even better.

Benefits and Limitations

Regain posts almost all the reviews they receive on their site. Therefore, you can browse through to see what other couples are saying about Regain. Also, they have therapists who help individuals in addition to couples.
The limitation is that couples cannot talk to the therapist separately. The chat is visible to all parties.

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Best for Teenagers: Teen Counseling

Teenagers today want exclusive services from companies that understand their predicaments. Teen counseling positions itself as the best therapy site for teenagers online. The site has over three thousand therapists who work with teenagers.
Teen counseling is a safe environment for teenagers to speak up so they can get help, whether it involves dealing with their parents, overcoming bullying both online and offline, and other issues.
Parents may join the site to seek help for their teenagers. Also, if you are a teenager and don’t want your parents to know you want to see a counselor, you can join the site, and no one will know.

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Best for LGBTQ: Pride Counseling

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community now have a haven for therapy via Pride Counseling. In the past, it was hard for the LGBTQ community to find inclusivity in services. However, today, Pride Counseling has given the community the chance to be heard without being judged.
Pride Counseling listens to your problems and then assigns you a specialist. The site encourages customers to raise an issue if they don’t get along with the assigned expert. It is one of the best online counseling sites in terms of freedom and flexibility.

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Best for a Fast Consultation: Amwell

Amwell understands that not everyone wants to spend long sessions on therapy. Some people want a quick consultation, and then they are done. Amwell has an app that lets you see a doctor while on the go.
You may ask for a doctor’s advice about medication or any other small issue that you have. Amwell has the best prescription that you can get online. The site is very reliable for individual consultation.

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Best for Free Psychiatric Guides: 7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea is a volunteer therapy site for people seeking counseling at zero cost. The site has hundreds of guides that help individuals to solve their problems and grow. You can assess them anytime, anywhere.
Also, if you want to talk to someone, the site has volunteers who are willing to help at no fee. You can join chats and share your problems so that people in the group can make recommendations. You can also talk to one person if you are not comfortable with group chats.
If you want specialized attention, you can access it at a small monthly fee on the website. Therefore, 7 Cups of Tea is very flexible. It is recommended for people seeking affordable therapy.

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Best Affordable Psychiatric Help: Doctor on Demand

You want to seek therapy at your terms and schedule. Right? If yes, Doctors on Demand allows you to select your therapy hours. Therefore, you can work with your schedule.
The site prides itself on seeing the mind and the body. Therefore, the site deals with all issues. Whether you have a problem in your marriage or you are stressed and want to deal with it, the site has practitioners who can help.
We like the site because it has a transparent pricing policy as opposed to some traditional therapists who had hidden costs that could not be foreseen. Also, they offer help for chronic and urgent illnesses in case you need help.

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Best for Psychiatric Help within 2 Days: MDLive

MDLive was founded in 2009 as a telemedicine company. Yet today, they have a mobile app that enables you to access a counselor at an affordable rate. MDLive promises that you will see a counselor within two days after you express the need.
That is efficient compared to traditional therapists whom you have to book weeks or months in advance. The site has specialists who help the LGBTQ community to deal with challenges they face in society.
The online therapy sites deal with a variety of issues, including parenting issues, relationships, stress, and postpartum. The site is not limited in terms of the help they offer. If you have another problem different from the ones, you can still find a psychiatrist to help you. It is convenient as you can access the site via their website or mobile application.

Limitless Access to Your Therapist: iCounseling

One of the main challenges with traditional therapy is that you can only see your therapist during your scheduled appointments. These appointments are limited to specified days in a week, probably once. Therefore, it may take longer for you to make progress with your treatment plan.
iCounseling is a platform that has sought to resolve this challenge. It is one of the best online therapy companies in providing limitless access to your therapist. Like many of the others above, they do match-making.
The first thing they do after you seek their services is to answer a few questions that help them understand the issues you are facing. From there, you will be matched with the right practitioners, whom you will schedule your appointments with. Remember, you can have as many sessions as you want in a day.

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For a Full Therapeutic System:

Are you searching for a comprehensive solution for all your mental health issues? Several online therapy sites reviews have identified as one of the best sites in providing comprehensive therapeutic services. The site offers a wide range of services, including online sessions with a therapist, live chats, and life coaches.
Therapists and counselors on this site use a wide range of treatment plans, including cognitive behavioral therapy, for your mental health illnesses. Moreover, the services offered on this site are very affordable. However, their limitation is that their services are not available in all hours of the day.

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For Accessible App-Based Therapy: Ginger

The concept of online therapy has expanded into the area of mobile applications. You can now get the best mental healthcare through a mobile phone app. An example of these apps is Ginger. It has gained a reputation as one of the best apps in providing psychiatric healthcare services to patients.
Services they offer include behavioral health coaching, customized skill development operations, psychiatric, and virtual therapy services. The app is compatible with both android and iOS systems. You will receive assistance from therapists, counselors, and life coaches that have the expertise to provide personalized services for the different issues you are suffering.

Understanding the Concept of Online Therapy?

It is a concept that employs information communication technology (ICT) to facilitate the delivery of mental healthcare. Therapists offer their services through the following means:

  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Online chats
  • Video conferencing
  • Phone calls

Who Qualifies for Online Therapy?

Anyone can seek therapy online. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, married or unmarried. All that is needed is for you to make up your mind and develop confidence that the site you are using will help you deal with the problem at hand.
People dealing with problems such as sleeping disorders, marital challenges, substance abuse, stress, depression, or anxiety issues can get the help they need online. However, people with deeper mental health issues, such as suicidal intentions, are encouraged to seek a traditional form of therapy.

The Proposed Benefits of Online Therapy?

The Internet has enabled people to seek psychiatric treatment online. Being a new thing to many, they face a dilemma of the potential benefits it can offer to them. Therefore, in this section, we will talk about the pros of this form of therapy.

    • Improved Convenience
      One of the primary reasons why people seek online therapy is the convenience it offers to them. The Internet has brought about simplification of processes and operations. It has afforded people the luxury of having better control of their activities and schedules.
      In the field of mental health, the Internet has made it better for clients to seek therapeutic services conveniently. It offers therapists an opportunity to provide their clients assistance more efficiently. In both cases, online therapy offers the convenience of time and place to both parties.
    • Affordability
      The convenience created by online therapy is also felt in terms of the affordability of the services provided. These conveniences come with an improved ability to cost reduction. From a client’s perspective, they are saved the hassles of having to spend on transportation costs when making a trip to the therapist’s office. The therapist is saved from incurring overheads such as rental costs and transportation costs to and from their office. Therefore, it is easier for them to transfer the cost savings by minimizing the prices they charge for their therapy services online.
    • Improved Accessibility
      The one thing online therapy has eliminated is the need for the movement to and from the therapist’s office. Now you can access the best therapy services from the comfort of your home. Clients from remote areas now have a chance to access the best therapy services without much hassle. Also, people with lower mobility due to disability or old age can access these services from the comfort of their homes.

The Effectiveness of Online Therapy?

As the concept of online therapy is gaining its ground in the medical field, some people have not yet fully grown into the idea. As such, there are still potential clients holding reservations about seeking online therapy services. They are still trying to figure out the effectiveness of the online form of therapy.
Several research studies have been conducted to find out whether online therapy is effective. The studies have produced mixed results. Some have supported the concept of its efficacy, while others have held reservations on whether it is the best solution.
Advocates of the idea argue that the best online counseling will have the same impact as the traditional form of therapy. They say that the best online therapists still make the right diagnosis of their client’s problem and provide the right treatment plan. In this regard, some patients have found the best solutions for their mental health issues through online platforms.
However, there are those studies that dispute these claims. These studies express concerns about the lack of physical presence of the client during the diagnosis and treatment. They argue that the best form of therapy requires the therapist to be able to observe their patients.
Therefore, they can tell if the patient’s underlying issues based on their non-verbal cues. However, with other advanced forms of online therapy, such as teleconferencing, these fears are slowly being addressed. Therapists can still develop better relationships with their clients.

How Secure and Confidential Is Online Therapy?

One of the primary reasons why people shy away from seeking therapy services is because of the fear of violation of their privacy. People are afraid of sharing their intimate details with strangers. They simply do not feel comfortable talking about their issues in front of someone they have not developed some trust with.
However, with online therapy, this is not a concern for many. The fact that there is no physical contact with the therapist makes it the best platform for such people to express themselves. For example, online marriage counseling reviews have shown that online therapy has proved effective in marital counseling. Moreover, therapists providing online services are still bound by the professional code of ethics. Therefore, they are still expected to protect the privacy and confidentiality of their clients’ information.

The Average Cost of Online Therapy?

Cost is also one of the crucial factors that people look into when deciding on seeking therapy services online. Paying for therapy services can be challenging for most people. It is for this reason why price forms an essential aspect of online therapy reviews.
In the traditional setting, the costs of therapy are higher because of the overhead expenses the professionals face incur in offering these services. On average, the best therapists will charge you something in the range of $75 per hour to $300, depending on your location. However, the online services will only set you back from between $35 to $150 per session of one hour. Even better is the fact that you will find a lot of online counseling that takes insurance.


Find the best sources of online therapy services can prove to be a challenging task for many. There are times you may find yourself giving up on seeking the help you need because you are not sure of options available to you. However, this article provides you with online counseling reviews to help you find the help you need. Check the site that suits your needs before making your final decision.