BetterHelp vs ReGain: Where to Go When You Need a Therapist

Whether you are dealing with daily stress, uncertainty due to a big life change, or a mental health problem that has persisted for years, therapy will help you. Talking to a licensed therapist or psychologist can relieve most of your stress and help you develop healthy coping mechanisms. You might consider online therapy, especially if in-person sessions are not viable for you.

Choose online counseling because you do not have time to commute for sessions. Perhaps you cannot afford your local counselor’s fees or have privacy concerns that make you hesitate to visit their office. Regardless of why you seek therapy online, you must identify a reputable counseling service.

With so many online therapy apps becoming popular, it can be difficult to identify the best. We review two leading therapy platforms — BetterHelp and ReGain. We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about their services, prices, quality of counseling, and ease of accessibility. Read this BetterHelp vs. ReGain review to know which service suits you best.

BetterHelp vs ReGain: Comparison Table

BetterHelp is one of the largest online counseling services in the world. It is committed to providing affordable counseling services conveniently and discreetly. By offering therapy across all devices to people in various physical locations, BetterHelp improves the quality of life for many.

On the other hand, ReGain serves as an online platform for relationship counseling. It has professionals who specialize in relationship issues that can be solved through therapy. The platform is accessible on a variety of devices and from any location. Below is a BetterHelp and ReGain comparison table that distinguishes the two platforms.

BetterHelp ReGain
Provides counseling for a variety of mental health issues Specializes in relationship counseling
Accepts some insurance covers Does not take insurance
Offers a free trial period Does not offer a free trial


BetterHelp vs. ReGain — Services Offered

The counselors at BetterHelp are licensed to provide a variety of mental health services online. They can handle general stress that lowers the quality of life, and more specific matters that need specialized treatment. According to the BetterHelp website, their counselors can treat any of the following issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Addiction
  • Family issues
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Trauma
  • Intimacy matters
  • Grief and loss
  • Religious issues

Their scope of BetterHelp ’s services is limited to issues that do not put the individual’s life in danger. If you are in an emergency or have suicidal thoughts, this service will not work for you.

ReGain has counselors whose specialty is relationships. If you are dealing with issues that interfere with your life as far as relationships are concerned, this platform is perfect for you. However, its scope is limited to issues that do not put either party in danger. If you are in an abusive relationship and are concerned for your safety, you must seek help from emergency services and those close to you.

BetterHelp ReGain Verdict

BetterHelp offers a wider range of services, including relationship counseling. With one membership, individuals get access to counselors with a variety of skills. Signing up for ReGain means looking elsewhere for help on issues not related to one’s relationship. Therefore, BetterHelp is the winner in this category.

BetterHelp vs. ReGain — How to Get Started

BetterHelp and ReGain both require new customers to fill in an extensive questionnaire to get started. In both questionnaires, one gives details such as their medical and mental health history, location, age, and issues that need solving. The information collected from this questionnaire helps to filter the counselors on the platform and present one who is a perfect match.

BetterHelp allows users to choose their counselors. A user may specify the age, sexual orientation, gender, and language preference of the counselor they are matched with. On the other hand, ReGain exercises more control over whom a user is matched with. Although one may specify their preferred age and gender, their choices are limited based on the specific relationship issue stated in the questionnaire.

BetterHelp allows only one account per user. Family or acquaintances can’t share the same account. ReGain, on the other hand, allows couples to register a joint account. It helps couples to take part in joint counseling sessions. After signing up, both BetterHelp and ReGain takes a few hours to a few days to match users with a counselor, depending on availability.

BetterHelp | ReGain Verdict

BetterHelp wins because its sign up process is more accommodative. It gives freedom to users to pick which counselor they want to work with. ReGain’s sign up process might result in a more effective match by identifying a counselor who is capable of solving the specific issue. However, it can feel forced because the user does not get a say in the process.

BetterHelp vs. ReGain: Counselor Credentials

Both BetterHelp and ReGain emphasize their counselors’ qualifications and licensing. Both platforms hire counselors that are not only trained and licensed but also experienced and accredited by relevant bodies. They have attained a master’s or doctorate in their respective fields of study.

The accreditations of counselors on the BetterHelp and ReGain platforms include:

  1. Psychology
  2. Marriage and family therapy
  3. Licensed clinical social work
  4. Licensed professional counseling

Counselors on the ReGain platform have additional specialization in relationship counseling. Their expertise makes them capable of working with individuals and couples to solve the challenges in their love lives.

BetterHelp | ReGain Verdict

Both BetterHelp and ReGain have experienced counselors. However, ReGain stands out for having licensed professionals who have specialized in relationship counseling. Their specialization makes them extremely capable of handling all issues that users of the platform may have.

BetterHelp vs. ReGain: Types of Therapy

BetterHelp and ReGain offer counseling online. They are perfect substitutes for face to face therapy, especially when used for conditions that can be treated gradually. BetterHelp offers therapy through 4 channels:

  • Messaging
  • Live chat
  • Phone calls
  • Video

On the other hand, ReGain offers only messaging therapy. Below is a breakdown of how each of these types of therapy works for BetterHelp and ReGain.

Messaging Therapy

BetterHelp and ReGain both offer this type of therapy. It works in the same way on either platform. Users get to meet their counselors in a private chat room. This type of counseling is not real-time. The user logs into the room, writes a message, and waits for the counselor’s response.

Although the counselor may not respond immediately, he or she will take the shortest time possible. Messaging therapy does not need to be scheduled. At any time of day, a user may send a message seeking advice from their counselor. When the counselor responds, the user gets an email notification to log in and check the message.

Live Chat Therapy

Of the two platforms, only BetterHelp offers this type of therapy. It allows users to have a real-time conversation with the counselor. The live chat is beneficial for users who want instant responses and advice on how to deal with issues as they unfold.

This type of counseling requires scheduling. Users must first find out when their counselors are available and schedule a session at a convenient time.

Phone Therapy

Because not everything can be accurately expressed over text messages, BetterHelp offers its users the option of having a session over the phone. Phone therapy sessions require scheduling at a convenient time for both the user and the counselor.

Phone calls to counselors usually go through the system and get encoded. It prevents the counselor from accessing the user’s contact, therefore guaranteeing confidentiality.

Video Therapy

Users who do not have privacy concerns as far as meeting the counselors face-to-face can use live video counseling sessions. In a setting, just like Skype, the user talks to the counselor in real-time. Such sessions must be scheduled to ensure the availability of both parties. This type of therapy is only offered by BetterHelp.

BetterHelp | ReGain Verdict

BetterHelp is the winner of this category due to the variety it offers. Users can opt for messaging, live chat, phone calls, or video chat. The variety caters to each user’s unique needs. ReGain only offers a messaging option, which is not real-time.

BetterHelp vs. ReGain: Pricing and Payment Methods

BetterHelp and ReGain subscription both start at $60 per week. The actual amount paid depends on the specific services one needs. The price can go as high as $70 per week. Since ReGain offers a joint membership option, its price is more affordable for couples. BetterHelp bills a couple individually, making it expensive for relationship counseling.

BetterHelp offers a free trial period, ReGain does not. For 7 days, users can explore the platform to find out whether it will work for them. They may choose to pay for a membership, or not, at the end of the free trial period.

Payment on BetterHelp and ReGain can be made through a credit card or PayPal. Both payment options are safe and reliable. Membership can be canceled at any time to avoid being billed automatically for the service.

BetterHelp | ReGain Verdict

ReGain is more affordable than BetterHelp. With the joint account option, it is cheaper to get counseling for relationship issues from ReGain. Although BetterHelp offers a free trial period, its cost remains higher.

BetterHelp vs. ReGain: Customer Experience

BetterHelp and ReGain have positive user reviews. Many users complement the services for its effectiveness and the ability to solve long-standing mental health issues. Specific counselors are mentioned on both sites as being commendable.

However, there are a few reviews that mention the clinical, impersonal approach of the sessions. Because most counselors prefer to give homework and use worksheets as part of their counseling strategy, a few users of messaging therapy feel dissatisfied. Because ReGain does not offer any live sessions, its users are most affected by the negative aspect of messaging therapy.

BetterHelp | ReGain Verdict

Customers at BetterHelp have a slightly better experience because of the variety of counseling offered. Whereas messaging therapy has the potential of becoming clinical and impersonal, the live chat, phone call, and video options provide better channels of therapy.

BetterHelp vs. ReGain: Privacy Policy

BetterHelp and ReGain are keen on protecting their users’ privacy. They take similar measures to ensure that users are secure, including:

  • Assigning anonymous user profiles;
  • Adhering to state and federal laws that protect client information;
  • Protecting user information from third parties;
  • Allowing users to “shred” communication to get rid of it completely;
  • Encrypting user-counselor information;
  • Encrypting the website to guarantee data security;
  • Scrambling their databases to render data useless in case of theft.

BetterHelp | ReGain Verdict

Both platforms perform equally well in this category. They have effective measures to protect their users’ data. One may get counseling anonymously if they wish, guaranteeing the confidentiality of BetterHelp and ReGain services.

Conclusion | Which Psychotherapy Company Is Good for You?

BetterHelp and ReGain are top-rated online counseling services worth paying for. Both of them have skilled counselors whose credentials have been verified. They have a similar, easy-to-follow sign-up process that results in an effective match. They also protect user information in a similar manner that guarantees confidentiality and makes their services safe to use.

However, BetterHelp performs better than ReGain in several categories. Its most commendable quality is the variety of services and therapy channels it offers. Users can get help on various mental health issues through messaging, live chat, phone calls, and video calls. It accommodates the needs of various users.

ReGain is suitable for users who have specific relationship needs. It offers a panel of therapists who are very experienced in relationship matters. It also has a joint account option that makes it affordable for couples to seek counseling.

What is better to choose? Whether you choose BetterHelp or ReGain, it boils down to your needs and preference. Both platforms are worth every penny, especially because they offer convenience and privacy.