Calmerry vs. Talkspace 2024: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Mental Health Journey

With the online therapy market witnessing a remarkable surge in the past four years, the task of navigating across platforms and finding the best-fit solutions for your needs has become more crucial than ever.

In this comprehensive comparison, we analyze the offerings of Calmerry and Talkspace to help you make an informed decision regarding your mental health care needs.

Talkspace is a major player in the market and offers undeniable advantages. On the other hand, Calmerry is a new and promising platform that prioritizes excellent client support and the selection of therapists.

Although both platforms aim to address various mental health concerns, their approaches, subscription models, and additional features differ significantly. Let’s dive into the comparison review to uncover the distinctions and similarities so that you can make the optimal choice.

Calmerry: Innovative mental health platform with accessible therapy solutions

Calmerry is an innovative mental health platform launched during the pandemic in 2020 as an answer to rising requests and needs in mental health support for individuals. Since then, Calmerry has established itself as a prominent mental health platform that provides tailored, accessible, and confidential counseling services.

What sets Calmerry apart is its rapid and efficient therapist-matching process, which typically takes just 1-2 hours. This feature significantly contrasts with other platforms, where the search for a suitable therapist can often last up to a week.

Calmerry provides therapy through messaging and video sessions and offers users flexible subscription options. Therapists mostly work on workdays and sometimes can provide counseling on weekends.

Another distinguishing feature of Calmerry is its wide range of free self-help tools, which we will evaluate later in this review. Overall, our reviewers assessed Calmerry’s performance and user experience, giving it a high score due to its intuitive interface and broad, useful functionality.

Talkspace: Flexible and Comprehensive

Talkspace is a leading telemedicine provider. Established over 10 years ago, it has since developed a versatile mental health solution that offers comprehensive therapy options to individuals across North America.

The platform features a team of licensed therapists with a wide range of specialties, ensuring that users can find the right fit for their individual needs. Talkspace provides solutions for individual, teen, and couple therapy, as well as psychiatry subscription and medication management.

With its user-friendly interface and secure messaging system, the platform makes it easy for individuals to access therapy whenever and wherever they need it. Talkspace is committed to promoting accessibility and affordability, aiming to break down barriers to mental health care and support those who need it.

Key Comparison: Calmerry vs. Talkspace

Subscription Plans and Costs

Calmerry and Talkspace operate on subscription-based models, but their pricing and coverage differ. Talkspace offers insurance coverage with selected providers, including major US insurance providers. However, if you don’t have insurance coverage or your provider isn’t partnered with Talkspace, this solution can be slightly more expensive than competitors.

Calmerry, on the other hand, is not currently covered by insurance programs. However, the company is actively working on adding this option within the next year. Despite this, Calmerry’s subscription plans are considerably more affordable, making it a cost-effective choice for many.

Calmerry subscription plans:

Calmerry offers different subscription options, allowing users to choose a plan that suits their therapy needs and financial situation. They also offer financial assistance of up to 30% for ongoing therapy.

  • Messaging Plan: Priced at $198 for the first month and $228 monthly after that, this plan includes unlimited messaging with a licensed counselor, a personalized therapy plan, access to a self-help library, a Mood tracking tool, Guided journaling, and Assessments.
  • Messaging + 2 Live Video Session Plan: For $264 with the first-month welcome discount and $310 monthly after that, users receive all features of the messaging plan along with two 30-minute live video sessions with a licensed therapist.
  • Messaging + 4 Live Video Sessions Plan: At $295 for the first month and $360 monthly after that, this plan extends the benefits of the messaging plan to include four live video sessions with a licensed therapist.
    Calmerry’s flexible approach extends this basic subscription plan with the option to purchase additional video sessions for 45- and 60-minute durations.

Talkspace subscription plans:

Talkspace offers a more streamlined subscription model with various therapy options, including psychiatric services for medication management. For the qualitative comparison with Calmerry, we will evaluate individual therapy plans.

  • Messaging Therapy: $236 per month. This plan covers only messaging therapy with unlimited messages and daily responses from the therapist 5 days a week.
  • Video + Messaging Therapy: $300 per month. This plan includes messaging therapy and allows you to schedule four live 30-minute video sessions monthly.
  • Video, Messaging, + Workshops Therapy: $396 per month. This plan includes everything mentioned above and offers additional workshops dedicated to your mental health needs, with weekly sessions available.

As for psychiatric services provided by Talkspace, they start at a $435 rate for an initial evaluation with a psychiatrist and 1 follow-up session and can reach up to $725 monthly.

Therapy Formats and Communication

The therapy options available through Talkspace are more diverse than those offered by Calmerry, encompassing individual therapy for teens, couples therapy, and psychiatric services.

As a result, Talkspace stands out for its wide range of therapy formats. In terms of communication, both platforms offer similar features such as unlimited messaging and live video sessions. They also assure that therapists will respond to you daily, five times a week, and that scheduling live video sessions is simple.

Both platforms use a matching algorithm to connect you with the best-fit therapist based on your request, location, and preferences. Calmerry also offers a free-switch therapy feature. If your initial match doesn’t work out, they will select another therapist for you. To use this service, you need to contact the support team, which, based on our experience, is very helpful, timely, and user-friendly.

Mental Health Issues Treated

Calmerry’s therapists specialize in areas such as:
– Anxiety, depression, and stress
– Grief and loss
– Marriage and relationship counseling
– ADHD,self-esteem and confidence issues
– Trauma, anger management, and chronic pain
– Parenting, sexuality, and codependency
– Pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum counseling

Talkspace therapists also cover a broad range of mental health issues, including:
– Stress, anxiety, and depression
– Relationships and parenting problems
– Addictions, eating and sleeping disorders
– Trauma and anger issues
– Low self-esteem and grief

Both platforms provide therapy for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Therapist Quality and Support

Calmerry ensures top-tier care from empathetic and professional therapists, all of whom are licensed in the following areas:

  •  Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC)
  • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT)
  • Doctors of Psychology (PsyD) and Psychotherapy (PhD)

Talkspace also boasts a large network of licensed therapists, with more than 3000 licensed professionals The platform supports evidence-based methodologies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Trauma-Focused Therapy, ensuring high-quality, effective care.

Additional Features

Alongside therapy sessions and instant messaging, both platforms have additional features tailored to enhance individuals’ mental well-being.

Talkspace offers a wider range of therapy formats and psychiatric services and offers workshops in addition to one-to-one therapy. However, it can’t boast a wide range of additional features in contrast to Calmerry.

Calmerry platform has an extensive list of free features, including a self-help library, guided journaling, mood tracker, and assessments to enhance therapeutic engagement—all of which you can use at no cost just by registering.

Sign-Up Process


The sign-up process on Talkspace is simple and user-friendly. Users begin by answering a series of questions about their mental health needs, therapy goals, and personal preferences to create a preliminary profile.

After completing a brief survey, you can choose from various subscription plans, each offering different levels of access to therapists.

Once you select a subscription plan and set up your payment method, Talkspace will start the matching process, which typically takes 24 hours. Card payment and Google Pay methods are available, as well as expert insurance and employee benefits programs.

After being matched, users create their account, download the app (if using a mobile device), and begin their therapy sessions.


Calmerry’s sign-up process is quick and simple. It starts with email registration and a brief survey to match you with a licensed counselor who will meet your needs.

After verifying your email, Calmerry will present you various subscription plans.
Once you select a plan, you’ll be directed to a payment page with options for card or Apple/Google Pay. The prices are indicated per week, but at checkout, you will see the full amount that will be charged for the month.

Once the payment is completed, the matching process will start, and it will take up to two hours for you to be paired with a therapist. In rare cases, if the matching process takes longer, you will receive a notification with an estimated time for when a counselor will be assigned to you.

One advantage of Calmerry is that you can skip the subscription step and explore their free self-help toolbox and mental health content library before committing to therapy.

User interface and experience


Talkspace’s user interface is sleek and intuitive, facilitating easy navigation and communication. The platform’s app and website are well-organized, making it simple for users to access their therapy sessions, send messages, and review their progress.

User reviews on Trustpilot praise Talkspace for its accessibility and the convenience of having multiple communication options.

However, according to Trustpilot, some users have reported issues such as delayed responses from therapists, difficulty changing therapists, and misleading information regarding insurance coverage. About 80% of low-rated reviews relate to insurance coverage not applying to live video sessions, and users getting charged afterward for using this service.


Calmerry’s user interface is clean and user-friendly, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use. The platform’s design is focused on creating a calming environment, which is beneficial for users dealing with stress and anxiety.

Reviews on Trustpilot commend Calmerry for its straightforward navigation and supportive user experience, which makes therapy less intimidating. There are much fewer negative reviews about Calmerry, and they mostly concern the limited availability of therapists in certain regions and occasional issues with the video session quality.


Both Talkspace and Calmerry offer valuable online mental health services, each with unique strengths.

Talkspace stands out for its wide range of communication options and additional psychiatric services, making it a comprehensive solution for many users. Its user-friendly interface and quick therapist-matching process further enhance its appeal.

However, some users have expressed concerns about delayed therapist responses and technical issues, which may impact the overall experience.

On the other hand, Calmerry excels in personalized therapist matching and its inclusion of therapeutic activities that promote continuous growth. Its simple and calming user interface contributes to a supportive therapy environment.

While some users have noted limitations in therapist availability and occasional technical issues, the overall user experience remains positive.

Choosing between these platforms largely depends on individual preferences and specific mental health needs. Those seeking a broad range of communication methods and integrated psychiatric care may find Talkspace more suitable, while users looking for personalized matching and structured therapy plans might prefer Calmerry.