Talkspace Therapy Review
Talkspace Therapy Review

Talkspace Therapy Review: Is Talkspace Legit and Worth It?

Well, Talkspace is a legit counseling firm, and the interaction here is professional, all in the account of the certified counselors who work on the platform. So, are you wondering if the platform is worth the money? Well, the upcoming talkspace review will help you make an informed decision on the issue.
All in all, any investment you make with the aim of bolstering your happiness or bettering your life is always worth the hassle. But when it comes to boosting your mental health, finding a therapist is an ideal recommendation, and the talk space reviews are of great help. However, effective online therapy comes at an added advantage. This online counseling approach plays a major role in:

  • Easing the accessibility of the counseling services
  • Removing fear and anxiety that mainly arise during a face-to-face session
  • Offering the utmost and desired anonymity for a highly interactive session.

Talkspace is one of the most recognized counseling websites that offer mental health help. It has been reviewed by reputable online sources such as Fox News, CNN, and others, as an effective platform for counseling services. It has been operating since 2012. Until the beginning of 2020, it has already helped over a million people overcome their issues. Keep reading this review to learn how Talkspace works. Let’s start with a brief review of their advantages and disadvantages.


✅ You can change your therapist for free;
✅ Various payment options;
✅ There is no limit for therapy messaging;
✅ Easy to register.


💥 Generally, they do not grant refunds for unused time.
💥 Users can’t delete their transcripts because they are considered medical records.

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Introduction to Talkspace Counseling Services

Talkspace has had an immense impact on issues concerning online counseling and therapy. The platform has over 1 million customers, and it has helped the firm to feature multiple renowned publications and programs.
However, despite the firm’s incredible prowess and efforts in ensuring the digitization of therapy and counseling sessions, some people still find themselves asking, “Is Talkspace worth it?”. Fortunately, the upcoming reviews for Talkspace will play a vital role in helping you to make the right decision concerning Talkspace value for money.

A Summary of Our Talkspace Counseling Reviews and Findings

Before we start, we will have a closer look at our Talkspace therapy review summary. The section contains a detailed review of the platform’s pros and cons to enable you to see if the firm matches your expectations in terms of cost and quality of services.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Talkspace Therapy Services

The firm excites in many ways, but the following are the company’s greatest talk points in matters related to the services offered and the customers’ expectations. Also, the pros are in relation to the service’s ease of accessibility and cost.

  • The sign-up process is stress-free and straightforward
  • The app is mobile-friendly, and its setup process is super easy
  • Therapists here are qualified and certified
  • There are multiple online counseling options, ranging from texts, video, to audio messaging
  • You can easily access a live session based on your preferences
  • Reasonable pricing plans
  • You are given a choice of therapists to choose from after talking to a consultation therapist, which enables you to pick your perfect match easily.

Fortunately, the firm’s pros outweigh its cons, but as it the case with multiple online ventures, there’s a thing or two that leave users complaining. However, the complaints here don’t mean regrets, as these are small issues that the firm can rectify to ensure complete customer satisfaction. So, here’s a list of the company’s cons.

  • Misleading billing schedule
  • The services are best suited for those within the U.S time zones
  • Some counselors provide short responses
  • Getting a therapist can take several days
  • There are limited live sessions, and the company doesn’t offer a free trial period.

Why You Should Believe in Our Review Services

We have been in operation for over 20 years now, and during this spell, we’ve helped tens of millions of first-time users make informed decisions on the counseling firm that offers ideal value for money.
Our review process involves performing extensive research and using these services to get first-hand user-experience in matters related to the program’s quality and effectiveness. We also analyze evidence from previous customers, and a combination of these factors enables us to provide unbiased opinions on a given program or service.
Finally, similarly to our other medical-based reviews, our reviews of Talkspace web-based counseling services were checked by Medical Board Review members to ascertain the accuracy and efficiency of our report.

So, How Qualified Are Talkspace Counselors?

Having been in service for over 8 years now, the firm has faced multiple challenges and came out stronger. These challenges include criticism during the first year of foundation, and the company being the first one of its kind in those years, getting the required customer’s support was slightly challenging.
However, even with these unseen and unbelievable problems, the firm has grown into a prime destination for anyone looking for affordable and high-quality counseling services globally. So, are you wondering the secret behind the company’s incredible success?
Well, this lies within its productivity docket, which is ultimately determined by professional and qualified employees. In other words, having highly qualified and certified workers has been Talkspace’s secret weapon to achieving global recognition and success.
After using Talkspace online counseling services, the quality of the therapy we received surpassed our expectations. We were compelled to research their employees’ qualification standards, and here’s what we got:

  • Only licensed counselors are allowed to work here, and everyone is approved after the hiring department runs extensive background checks on the individual
  • Every counselor must boost a minimal of 3,000 hours of experience before applying for a working opportunity here
  • All arising quality issues are dealt with by the company’s Board of Advisors to ensure the matter gets the desired priority.

After using Talkspace therapy, we learned that the set rules are the ideal recipe for matters concerning online therapy. Additionally, all the therapists’ approaches to different problems yielded positive remarks.

So, How Does Talkspace Work?

During our talk space review, two things came at the top, and these included premium-quality services and the availability of an entirely customer-friendly platform. The platform’s user-friendliness involved the system’s ease of access, as the process comprises of the upcoming three steps:

First, the Sign-Up Process

The site is accessible via its mobile-friendly website and app. The app is Android and iOS compatible, thus offering you the desired accessibility convenience. During the sign-up process, you are required to indicate your email, come up with a good password, and choose a pseudo name.

Second, You Interact With a Consultation Therapist at No Cost

Your counseling session should be done in a private room, and you can do this immediately after sign up. The consultation service allows you to ask any query concerning the sessions as the therapist gets a chance to know you better.
In other words, this is a learning opportunity for the parties involved, and some of the queries that you might have to shed light on include:

  • Your age
  • Your place of residence
  • Your experience in online or traditional therapy
  • Your priorities and expectations of your new exploration

After the consultation services, you will have a chance to decide on whether to carry on the counseling or seek the services elsewhere. The session isn’t time-limited, as it is free, and the process is beneficial as Talkspace consultants will help you know if:

  • You need a long term counselor to solve your case
  • The service is all you need and if it is worth the hassle.

Finally, Get a Therapist Who Matches Your Area of Need Perfectly

Through the use of the Talkspace predictive design program, and the info you share with the therapy consultant, the process of matching you with your ideal therapist becomes swift and highly productive.
The choice is based on several factors, including the counselor’s therapeutic approach and your inclinations. Fortunately, during our Talkspace therapist reviews, we found out that the matched counselors were highly effective, and the process of getting a helper here was swift and stress-free.
But during our review of Talkspace in matters concerning counselor matching, we found out that the process can take some time, and in some instances, the waiting period can exceed two days.

What Problems Can Talkspace Help Solve?

This counseling site offers sessions that cover a wide range of mental health problems. Here is a list of the issues that this counseling platform deals with more frequently:

  •       Anxiety;
  •       Depression;
  •       Sleep disorders;
  •       Teen counseling;
  •       Family counseling;
  •       Anger management;
  •       Abuse counseling;
  •       Self-esteem;
  •       Grief;
  •       Parenting;
  •       Betrayal;
  •       Eating disorders;
  •       PTSD;
  •       Chronic impulsivity.

So, Talkspace can help with almost any kind of mental health issue. Whether you seek couples counseling or want to learn how to manage your anger, Talkspace has a suitable expert that can support you and give the needed piece of advice.

So, How Is Talkspace in Terms of Customer-Friendliness and Experience?

Well, the company has one of the best and swift sign up process, and fortunately, their services are super easy to use, whether on the app or using their site. Their messaging interface is perfect, and below are some of the other features that excited us during our Talkspace online therapy review.

Message Your Counselor Anytime an Issue Arises

Anytime you buy Talkspace online therapy monthly package, you can send unlimited messages to your therapist and solve any issue that arises with ease. The unlimited messaging offer includes sending videos, texts, or audio to the counselor, and getting a reply during the day, based on the work schedule. Fortunately, the package counts even if you pay for the lowest subscription.

Access to Previous Interactions

It is an exciting and one of the strongest features of online therapy, the ability to access your previous chats with a click of a button. In online therapy, those involved don’t have to take notes, but they have one of the safest and easily accessible chat storage.

Live Video Meetings

These can last up to 30 minutes, and they are highly effective when compared to conventional therapy. However, the experience is slightly challenging for those who have never participated in video-chatting before.
All in all, the experience is super exciting, especially for those who prefer video chatting on desktops to mobile phones. All this user-friendliness and the app’s ease of use lies in the effort of Talkspace in making the process super easy and highly rewarding.

Assured Reply from Your Counselor

The power of therapy lies in effective communication, and fortunately, that’s a thing you will be assured of when you seek Talkspace therapy services. Here, the messaging schedule is utterly satisfying, although the process is affected by the patient’s or therapist’s time zone.
Therefore, understanding the schedule is important as this helps you know the right time the counselor responds to your queries. But before looking into that, note that the therapists work only 5 days a week, and they respond to your query in the morning or evening. So, let’s look at how these responses work.

The Therapist’s Response Time in the Morning

Your message sending time Therapist answering time
7am-10am 3pm
11am-4pm 7pm
4pm-7am 10am(following day)

The Therapist’s Response Time in the Evening

Your message sending time Therapist answering time
9am-2pm 6pm
2pm-7pm 10pm
7pm-9am 10am, the next morning

What Do I Do in Cases Where There’s No Response Received?

Such issues should be reported to Talkspace, especially if the counselor misses several response windows. Fortunately, we never encountered such problems during our Talkspace evaluation, although we have come across several clients complaining about the issue.

Talkspace’s Accessible Payment Policies

There are 3 payment policies here, based on the number of live sessions present in each package. There’s also a chance to add a live session to one of these plans.

Talkspace Counseling plus Policy

The plan includes unlimited messaging, audio, or video chatting, and the counselor responding at least once during the day. The cost here is $65 weekly, and the package doesn’t include a live session.

Talkspace Premium Counseling Plan

The cost here is $79 per week, although the package is almost similar to the one discussed above. However, the plan includes a single 30-minutes live session with your counselor.

The Ultimate Therapy Plan

The package costs around $99 every week, but you experience about 4 live sessions every month. That said, the packaging here is done weekly, but the billing is monthly.
It means that counseling the sessions after a few weeks doesn’t prevent the firm from charging you the whole month amount.
All in all, even though several people claim the plan is confusing and expensive, note that the service you get is entirely worth the cost. In fact, the cost here is cheap compared to traditional therapy sessions.

Other Essential Services Offered By Talkspace

The firm offers one of the best and most affordable packages, especially considering the $99 per week package. Besides that, the company is dedicated to helping students who might not be able to raise such high amounts by charging $65 per week for teens suffering similar issues.

Protection Policy

Some insurance companies do not offer therapy cover due to its slightly expensive cost. However, given the affordability and efficiency of Talkspace online counseling, there are several companies that work with the firm to ensure the employees get the desired financial assistance.
So, consulting your insurance provider to see if they offer this cover might be important before starting your therapeutic sessions. All in all, the cost is $65 to $99 weekly. Fortunately, the figure is reasonably put to ensure many people access the services with or without an insurance cover.

Talkspace Therapy Reviews: The Principle Used During the Analysis

First, our main point of consideration during our review process is the nature of the therapeutic service being offered. The same principle applies to all other health providing services. Besides that, some factors come in place, and these include:

The Quality of Services Offered

The process involves analyzing how perfectly the firm offers its fundamental services to its consumers. Additionally, we analyze the digital tools used, as these devices play an essential role in determining the results’ precision and accuracy.
Finally, we always ask ourselves if the quality of service is top-notch for recommendation to our loved ones instantly. If the service isn’t great for this instant recommendation, we always provide a detailed answer to why we can’t recommend the services.

The Customer-Friendliness of the Service Offered

It starts with how easy it is to sign up, and it ends with how easy it is to use the firm’s core services. In places where technology is involved, the app or site used is our main area of focus, and we try to answer how intuitive the interface is. Additionally, we check if the site or app is mobile-friendly and compatible with the world’s most popular software.

Is the Service Worth the Hassle or Cost?

To check if the services offered are worth the cost paid, we assess the discounts offered, the service’s cost, and if there are hidden charges upon registration. A good analysis of these factors in comparison to the quality of service provided enables us to determine if you are overpaying for substandard services. We want every customer to get a service exceeding the value of money they use.

Data Security

Anonymity and privacy are two vital components or online therapy, and we always check to see if the firm is offering the desired protection of customer data. The process includes evaluating the data collected during sign up and if the chats here are encrypted.

Efficiency of Support Services

If technical issues arise during a therapy session, how readily available are the customer support staff to rectify the problem. Additionally, if there are issues with your therapist, how fast does the support staff act to solve the issue?

Talkspace App Review FAQs

The section below contains answers to some of the frequently asked queries concerning Talkspace therapy. These range from the platform’s legitimacy to the cost of seeking professional therapeutic help. So, let’s get started.

So, Does Talkspace Work And Is It Legit?

Yes, the platform is legit, and the professionals who work here are qualified and licensed. The firm invests fully in its hiring process and ensures only certified and experienced therapists get a chance to work here. Therefore, you will always encounter real and legit counselors here.

What Is the Cost of a Therapeutic Session at Talkspace?

Well, there are 3 payment packages here, and they differ in the number of live sessions available. The cheapest payment plan is $65 per week, and this offers unlimited messaging services without a live video session.
The second plan costs $79 per week, and it comprises of unlimited messaging services and a single live session monthly. Finally, there’s a $99 weekly package, and this comprises of unlimited messaging services and 4 live sessions every month.
These sessions entail asking queries during the day and getting responses from your counselor, according to the earlier stated schedule. However, note that the therapists work 5 days a week, although they reply to your queries daily.

Can I Have My Talkspace Therapy Covered by My Insurance Provider?

Fortunately, Talkspace now collaborates with several insurance companies to ensure those tackling mental health issues get the financial assistance they need to access the services. However, it is vital to check your insurance provider to certify. It is among the listed insurance companies that partner with Talkspace to ease the therapy cost.

Is There a Free Trial Period After Talkspace Sign-Up?

Unfortunately, there are no free trials once you sign up here, and this is one of the few cons associated with Talkspace therapeutic services. All in all, you will get a free consultation session after sign-up, where you will learn more about the firm, and get matched with the best therapist based on the priorities and therapy expectations.

Bottom Line – Is Talkspace Good?

As we conclude our reviews on Talkspace, most people might be wondering if the services offered here are good and if we can recommend the platform to anyone else. Fortunately, we highly recommend Talkspace services to anyone in need of online counseling services in the country.
It is because Talkspace offers multiple payment packages, and besides that, the firm perfectly excels in providing easily accessible and highly affordable services. Additionally, the platform provides the desired anonymity, convenience, easy to use interfaces, and an incredible customer support service.
Conclusively, the counselors here are all qualified and licensed, which gives the platform an incredible professional touch that mainly lacks in many online therapeutic services. Unfortunately, despite the platform’s affordable weekly payment policy, the monthly billing schedule is, at times, confusing.
The billing schedule also denies customers their right to cancel the sessions anytime they want, as even in cases of session cancellation, one still pays the monthly cost of the therapy service. Finally, if you are asking, “Is Talkspace legit?” we assure you the platform is 100% legitimate, and we recommend Talkspace to those seeking top-notch online therapeutic services.

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