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Online Christian Counseling: Everything You Need to Know

By Dr. Leslie Evelo - Last Updated on August 18, 2020

Individuals often face challenges in life that result in mental and emotional struggles. Therapy, therefore, assists individuals in restoring their well-being. Through technology, counseling has found its way onto online platforms, and various websites have therapists who conduct sessions with clients remotely.
If you are a Christian, finding a Christian counseling expert would be in order since they will understand your experiences better. Consequently, various online Christian therapists are available across different websites to help other Christians with their mental health issues. In this text, we break down online Christian therapy, which entails features, perks, and even limitations.


AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • Simple sign-up & easy-to-use app
  • You pick a licensed therapist yourself
  • Communication via text, video, or audio messaging
  • Live sessions available
  • Special Offer: $65 off with code APPLY65
  • Absence of free trial Period
  • Therapist evaluation surveys can sometimes be annoying
  • Some therapists provide only short responses
Talkspace was founded in 2012 and quickly became one of the industry leaders. The service employs 3,000+ background checked mental health counselors who have helped over 1 million people deal with addiction, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, LGBTQ struggles, and other issues. Apart from standard services, Talkspace offers couples and teen counseling. All services are HIPAA compliant.

Turnaround Anxiety

AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • Specializes in counseling kids
  • Licensed therapists with 30 years of experience
  • Audio program that teaches kids to overcome anxiety available
  • Mobile-friendly platform that is accessible on any device
  • Free program Samples
  • Distance therapy is only available to purchasers of the Turnaround program
  • Additional paperwork may be required
  • No video lessons available
Turnaround Anxiety is an effective alternative to medication based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The service offers a unique audio program to provide anxiety relief for kids, online consultations with highly-qualified therapists, numerous relaxation exercises, and helpful information for parents. All customers receive a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Online Therapy

AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • CBT-trained therapists
  • 30-min live chat sessions each week
  • Access to a therapy toolbox, including sections, worksheets, and more
  • Yoga and meditation sessions available
  • You can switch therapists anytime
  • No mobile app
  • Some therapists only respond within 24 hours
  • Absence of video therapy sessions is famous for its use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Its therapists provide counseling for addiction, anger, depression, and other issues. There is no phone or video chat option, but users can enjoy limitless communication with therapists through unique worksheets. Users are also offered meditation and yoga classes and a forum where one can talk to other patients with similar conditions.


AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • Diverse pool of therapists
  • Text, audio & live messaging
  • Reviews from customers are mostly positive
  • It's possible to switch therapists
  • Slow support system
  • Therapists are often overworked and feel distracted
  • Sometimes therapists are late for video sessions
Betterhelp is one of the world's largest mental health service provider popular among 1 million people. The company has over 8,000 licensed counselors with a Master's or a Doctorate on a team and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Clients are offered dedicated therapy plans for teens, adults, and couples, free access to online groupinars for 20 topics, and a possibility to choose a communication mode.

Teen Counseling

AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • Wonderful option for teenagers aged 13-19
  • Therapy sessions can be held by way of an app, by phone, text, and video
  • All user-therapist communication is private and takes place in the individual chat room
  • Access to your therapist 24/7
  • Unlimited counseling & transparent pricing
  • No free trial & live chat with the support team on the website
  • Requires parents to give consent for therapy
  • Counselors may not be accessible 24/7
Founded in 2013, Teen Counseling is focused on helping teenagers with the most common concerns, such as stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger, bullying, eating disorders, addictions, and other age-specific issues. All of the company's counselors are licensed and trained Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors, and Clinical Social Workers.

Who Needs Online Christian Counseling?

Various challenges make individuals seek assistance from a professional Christian psychologist. A few examples include stress, anxiety, relationships, sex counseling, PTSD, depression, and anger issues.

However, there exist other reasons to seek a Christian therapist. The most common ones include:

  • - Marital problems
  • - Parenting challenges
  • - Mental health issues
  • - Grieving
  • - Addiction and Substance abuse recovery

Traditional counseling sessions on a therapist's couch are effective, but they're not usually an option for everyone. Even though you might receive encouragement and advice from licensed professionals, there would be some limitations. It is why Christian counseling, through online platforms, is becoming popular among Christians.

So, what is the benefit of receiving Christian therapy online? The benefits are many. For one, many people operate on strict schedules that would not support fixed counseling meetings. Through counseling websites, these people get to acquire more flexible psychotherapy help that fits into their routines.

Others have to turn to online Christian counseling because they live in remote areas where they cannot access regular therapy. The use of the internet to provide therapy makes it possible for individuals across various locations to access the needed help. For example, some people live in low-income countries where counseling professionals are scarce. So, online counseling provides them with faster access.

For others, this type of therapy is the best option because they are confined or housebound. These include parents without house helps, the elderly, and even injured people and persons of disability. It also applies to the prison population who are allowed internet privileges and want to get counseled.

Christian counseling over the internet is for an individual who needs professional guidance without traveling to a therapist.

Moreover, online counseling experts refer clients to other specialists when they feel extra assistance is needed. For example, you could be referred to other online psychiatrists in their network, physicians, or social workers, depending on what needs to be achieved.

The Two Sides of Online Counseling

Depending on the website, there are various forms of therapy based on communication. The first is asynchronous therapy, where the patient and the psychologist don't have to be online simultaneously. It is done via email, text messages, and chats. With asynchronous, clients don't need much scheduling, but responses tend to take longer.

Synchronous therapy involves both parties engaging in real-time two-sided conversation that requires them both to be online. It is mostly through video conferencing software or live chat. Here individuals can get immediate feedback.

Furthermore, counseling experts monitor facial expressions and behavioral patterns during video chats, which helps them respond. Many Christian psychotherapy services offer synchronous teletherapy or a combination of both.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Christian Counseling?

Known as biblical counseling, it is an approach to psychotherapy that involves combining psychology principles and faith. Here, the online therapist will often use scripture and teachings to help patients through their challenges during counseling meetings.

Here, online Christian therapists use the Bible as the ultimate guide for life. So, their main aim is to help fellow Christians to Identify and manage behaviors that don’t concur with biblical teachings. These counseling professionals have to apply biblical teachings while observing the APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines.

Online Christian counselors have the task of managing a variety of issues. These might range from simple attitude and behavioral adjustments from how work can be stressful to mental illness.

There are some things to expect with Christian counseling. One, counselors believe that spiritual and mental health go hand in hand. The counseling experts will often use tools such as prayer and scriptures during sessions. They will also assign homework to clients. Christian therapy goes beyond your immediate concerns and offers. Sessions will often be characterized with:

  • Education on family and the needed support
  • Teachings on how to handle yourself in challenging times
  • Providing guidance in making tough decisions
  • Offering preparations for ceremonies such as weddings or funerals

Christian counselors are tasked with providing necessary advice and encouragement. They also help restore faith for individuals and help them build better relationships with God.

Is Christian Counseling Right for Me?

How do you know if Christian Therapy is the right fit for you? First, Christian counseling is not exclusively for Christians. That is a common misconception that floats around. Individuals tend to be intimidated and feel they need to be hardcore Christians.

However, it should not be the case since no one lives a perfect life. However, as a Christian, you stand to gain advice from a professional that resonates with biblical teachings. Furthermore, there is always the option of not incorporating biblical teachings into the sessions for different religions.

You know choosing an online therapist is for you if you value the convenience it offers. These include; easy accessibility, flexible scheduling, and no need to travel. Finally, it all comes down to your preference. Some individuals will prefer to address neutral therapists, while others will prefer an online Christian psychologist.

The best way to determine if Christian therapy suits you individually is by testing it out and seeing whether it works. It’s common for many top therapist sites to offer a free trial period for new clients. Within that period, you would assess whether you are comfortable with the services or whether you prefer traditional sessions better.

Is Christian Counseling Really Effective?

Yes, it does. Online Christian counselors are professionals like any other therapists with similar qualifications. So, the treatment they administer online is as effective as any non-religious online counseling. Christian counselors don’t have to include their faith teaching into the sessions unless the client explicitly seeks out a Christian counselor.

Studies have shown that many people appreciate counseling specialists who have religious affiliations as compared to atheists. Some people might then be skeptical about online teletherapy and whether it could be as effective as regular face-to-face sessions.

Online teletherapy works for many individuals and has helped thousands deal with their issues. There is no difference in treatment except for the proximity of the parties. Face to face treatment tends to be more close and personal, but online treatment offers more flexibility.

How Much Does Christian Counseling Cost?

Christian psychotherapy services vary in terms of costs per session. It is because different websites use different pricing models. Some use a subscription model while others work with a payment per hour model.

Online counseling prices also vary according to your therapist’s qualifications, where more experience means having to pay a higher cost. As compared to in-person sessions, online Christian therapy is always significantly cheaper. For example, in-person treatment averages between $60 and 175$ per hour, depending on the counseling specialist. In some states, the price goes even higher. With online teletherapy, a client expects costs ranging from $32 to about $175 weekly, making online Christian counseling more cost-effective.

How to Find a Good Christian Counselor?

Finding the right choice of an online counselor also requires a client to follow specific steps. First, pray and seek God’s wisdom about the right Christian counselor. Then, you should seek counsel from your church. Various church leaders are likely to have some insight regarding the right choice of a counselor. Seeking their input is beneficial since they might have some recommendations for you.

If you are non-Christian, you can seek the counsel of Christian friends or colleagues in your company. They’ll then recommend church leaders to help you. You should also seek outside input whenever necessary. For those who don’t belong to a particular church, you can look beyond the local church of believers.

You can even use the internet as a tool to provide recommendations for prospective candidates that you can assess until you find the right fit. The right choice of counselor should also come down to someone you are comfortable talking to. You should trust them with the truth if they are to help you deal with challenges.

The success of any form of therapy rests on an individual finding the right person to guide them. When searching for a good counselor, here are some attributes to pay attention to.

They Should Be Full of Love

As Christian, they should be ready to carry others’ burdens and care for people, especially during difficult times.

Should Be Practicing Christianity

Your counselor should be full of faith since Christian counseling involves using spiritual resources. Faith fills them with hope in helping troubled patients work through their challenges.


Counselors should possess humility if they are to guide people out of their vulnerabilities. They should not be in a position to judge but provide useful advice.


Counselors should be compassionate since they are being exposed to the real selves of the clients. They should always seek to find the good while accepting the bad. Being compassionate ensures that a counselor will do everything they can to help broken people even at their worst.

Limitations of Christian Counseling Online

Due to the increasing need for online counseling, many specialists have offered their services via the internet to meet this demand. Even though many benefits come with it, some drawbacks also exist. Here are the notable ones.

Lack of Important Information on Some Occasions

In some instances, online counseling experts cannot see the client's body language, vocal signs, or facial expressions. These signs are sometimes critical as they help to reveal one's behaviors, mood, and feelings. Therefore, it may take longer to attain the objectives of online counseling.

Not Appropriate for Individuals With Severe Psychiatric Conditions

Online counseling might not be useful for extreme psychiatric situations that need direct and close treatment. Also, it isn't suitable for individuals with complicated problems. It is because the scope of online counseling tends to be limited.

Final Thoughts

Online Christian counseling is an excellent way of addressing your issues while also strengthening your faith and religious convictions. While choosing your counselor, you should always ensure that they are professionally licensed and spiritually informed.

Besides, you should consider their availability in weekly sessions and determine whether it works with your schedule. Using the different online counseling platforms, you can easily find a Christian counselor on short notice to help with your issues. However, clients with severe problems should consider trying traditional therapy first and maybe switch to online counseling later on.