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The Power of Online Couples Therapy: All You Need to Know to Save Your Marriage

By Dr. Leslie Evelo - Last Updated on August 18, 2020

Our fast-paced lifestyle makes us constantly juggle with career, family, relationships with friends, daily duties, and other aspects of life. Sometimes, we might get carried away by the hectic routine so that we don’t pay attention to things that really matter.
Daily stress, problems we are facing, and other challenges might significantly affect our personal life. And instead of taking a break to find out the route of misunderstandings or fights and make the marriage work, people are convinced that it will work somehow.
A relationship with a life partner is fragile and very complicated, requiring constant attention and dialogue. If you and your significant other have encountered problems with intimacy, you fight all the time, or your relationship turns cold and sour, then it’s high time to seek professional support.
Saving a marriage ain’t easy, but with the help of virtual marriage counseling, you will be able to improve your partnership and save the family you once have created. Below, you will find out everything you should know about online digital marriage counseling and how it can help you find harmony in personal relationships over again.


AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • Simple sign-up & easy-to-use app
  • You pick a licensed therapist yourself
  • Communication via text, video, or audio messaging
  • Live sessions available
  • Special Offer: $65 off with code APPLY65
  • Absence of free trial Period
  • Therapist evaluation surveys can sometimes be annoying
  • Some therapists provide only short responses
Talkspace was founded in 2012 and quickly became one of the industry leaders. The service employs 3,000+ background checked mental health counselors who have helped over 1 million people deal with addiction, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, LGBTQ struggles, and other issues. Apart from standard services, Talkspace offers couples and teen counseling. All services are HIPAA compliant.

Turnaround Anxiety

AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • Specializes in counseling kids
  • Licensed therapists with 30 years of experience
  • Audio program that teaches kids to overcome anxiety available
  • Mobile-friendly platform that is accessible on any device
  • Free program Samples
  • Distance therapy is only available to purchasers of the Turnaround program
  • Additional paperwork may be required
  • No video lessons available
Turnaround Anxiety is an effective alternative to medication based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The service offers a unique audio program to provide anxiety relief for kids, online consultations with highly-qualified therapists, numerous relaxation exercises, and helpful information for parents. All customers receive a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Online Therapy

AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • CBT-trained therapists
  • 30-min live chat sessions each week
  • Access to a therapy toolbox, including sections, worksheets, and more
  • Yoga and meditation sessions available
  • You can switch therapists anytime
  • No mobile app
  • Some therapists only respond within 24 hours
  • Absence of video therapy sessions is famous for its use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Its therapists provide counseling for addiction, anger, depression, and other issues. There is no phone or video chat option, but users can enjoy limitless communication with therapists through unique worksheets. Users are also offered meditation and yoga classes and a forum where one can talk to other patients with similar conditions.


AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • Diverse pool of therapists
  • Text, audio & live messaging
  • Reviews from customers are mostly positive
  • It's possible to switch therapists
  • Slow support system
  • Therapists are often overworked and feel distracted
  • Sometimes therapists are late for video sessions
Betterhelp is one of the world's largest mental health service provider popular among 1 million people. The company has over 8,000 licensed counselors with a Master's or a Doctorate on a team and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Clients are offered dedicated therapy plans for teens, adults, and couples, free access to online groupinars for 20 topics, and a possibility to choose a communication mode.

Teen Counseling

AVG, Price: $65 per week

Mobile APP: IOS, Android

Communication: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video

  • Wonderful option for teenagers aged 13-19
  • Therapy sessions can be held by way of an app, by phone, text, and video
  • All user-therapist communication is private and takes place in the individual chat room
  • Access to your therapist 24/7
  • Unlimited counseling & transparent pricing
  • No free trial & live chat with the support team on the website
  • Requires parents to give consent for therapy
  • Counselors may not be accessible 24/7
Founded in 2013, Teen Counseling is focused on helping teenagers with the most common concerns, such as stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger, bullying, eating disorders, addictions, and other age-specific issues. All of the company's counselors are licensed and trained Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors, and Clinical Social Workers.

Reasons to Consider Online Marriage Counseling

Relationship counselling online is a great way to work on marriage and improve the mental health and well-being of you and your significant one. The chances are that the cause of all family problems is that one of the partners is not satisfied with their life.

Good therapy services will help you take your partnership to the next level. An experienced psychologist will teach you how to communicate with each other effectively, listen to each other, and find a compromise so that everyone is happy. Online digital marriage counseling is an innovative way to make the relationship healthier and each person’s life happier and more fulfilling.

Here are a few reasons that should spur you to to look for an online marriage counseling company:

  • - poor communication between you and your husband/wife
  • - intimacy issues
  • - sexual issues
  • - financial challenges
  • - adultery and unfaithfulness
  • - trust issues
  • - problems with kids
  • - constant arguments and fights
  • - one person wants to get a divorce
  • - imbalanced responsibilities
  • - traumatic events in your life or the life of a partner
  • - substance abuse problems

These are only a few examples of why you should get online assistance to make your marriage work. By turning to online experts on a counseling website, you will give marriage another chance. It’s worth making everything possible to stay with the person you once fell in love with.

If you have decided to try out marriage counseling and wonder, “How to find the best marriage counselors near me?” then you should know that there is no need to limit yourself to local experts. The main thing about online services is that you can have a virtual meeting with a qualified professional at any time, no matter where you are. You can work with counselors throughout the whole country and choose the one with top skills and extensive experience.

Taking into account that the demand for online digital marriage counseling keeps growing, there are already plenty of websites that offer similar services. It’s not that easy to find the right platform. Here, at DrMental, you will be able to get familiar with online reviews on various counseling companies to make a well-informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Online Marriage Counseling?

Digital counseling is a great modern alternative to in-house therapy. Instead of commuting to a counselor’s office to spend an hour discussing your problems, you will be able to constantly stay in touch with a specialist and have online digital counseling sessions to save the marriage. Most platforms enable their clients to get in touch with an expert assigned via text messages when they need it. Also, they can schedule phone calls or video meetings to make the psychotherapy more personalized.

Many people are uncomfortable seeing a therapist face to face or simply don’t have enough free time. Virtual counseling is a great solution that will help you work on your partnership problems to gradually solve them and get back to a harmonic conjugal life. You and your partner can have a session with a specialist in just a few clicks from your favorite gadget, whether lying on a couch, staying in the office late, or even traveling outside the city.

Is Online Marriage Counseling a Good Solution for My Husband/Wife and Me?

In order to make the online treatment counseling efficient for a couple, they both need to want to reconcile and make their marriage healthier and more fulfilling. You and your partner should be open and ready for changes. It’s not that easy to improve a broken partnership, so it will take lots of time and effort to make your marriage work.

The main thing will be to find an online platform that specializes in marriage counseling. Also, make sure both of you are fully comfortable communicating with an online marriage therapist as you have to be frank about your problems. The more freely you tell about partnership challenges, the easier it will be to address it.

Is It Effective Enough to Make the Marriage Work?

The efficiency of the services provided via the Internet is the same as of common face-to-face meetings with a counselor. The only difference is that you have online communication with the help of your favorite gadgets. In the era of technologies, therapy starts changing, too.

It’s no surprise that now we have a shift to having meetings online. You still will have an opportunity to work with the best industry specialist. It will be beneficial as you can choose an expert outside of your city and opt for the most qualified professional that suits all your needs and preferences. Therapists possess all the required skills, qualifications, experience, education, and licensure to provide effective counseling and make couples reconcile.

What Is Better: Individual or Couple Online Marriage Counseling?

It’s possible to get marriage counseling solo and with your significant one. The choice is yours. Some relationship issues can be solved with only one person involved. Individual sessions will have a huge impact on a marriage. In case of some serious misunderstandings and interpersonal hurdles, it will be recommended to involve both spouses to make the process more quick and even more efficient.

It will be possible to have online couple sessions as well as have individual sessions with each spouse. The first thing to do will be to discuss your desire to try out online counseling with your significant other. Based on their reaction, you should make the next step.

What Is Average Marriage Counseling Cost?

It’s definitely worth noting that the price for such kind of therapy is much cheaper in comparison with regular in-office meetings. It’s pretty affordable, and everyone will find a plan that can fit their budget. Generally, it will significantly save your money and will give you access to quality marriage counseling and personal treatment.

The average cost for a weekly subscription varies from $30 to $70, depending on your opt-for plan. Also, in case you are ready to pay for a long-term subscription, some services will reduce the price even more. The most affordable online counseling plan enables you to communicate with a professional via text messages. More expensive plans will also include phone or video sessions.

Benefits of Online Couples Counseling

If you are still not sure whether to choose online or regular in-person marriage counseling, then look at the main benefits of getting therapy via the Internet.

  1. Convenient and Time-Efficient
  2. Online marriage counseling platforms fully benefit from modern technologies and allow you to do the same. Instead of wasting time commuting to a therapist’s office, you can get effective and quality treatment via the Internet. It will be the best solution for busy adults that combine a career with a family.

    This is a convenient alternative that enables you to schedule digital meetings at the most appropriate time for you. You will save your time while still being able to have a chance to share your problems and thoughts with an online professional who will be there for you.

  3. Affordable
  4. As it’s been already mentioned, digital marriage counseling is much more affordable than regular face-to-face therapy. Instead of overpaying your local specialist, you can receive treatment, guidance, and advice from the most skilled and qualified professionals throughout the country.

    It will be possible to have sessions for the most reasonable price that aligns with your monthly budget. Even if you are not sure that online marriage counseling is the right thing for you, some platforms offer a free trial period so you can try out therapy and make the final decision.

  5. Different Ways to Stay Connected With a Therapist
  6. Some people lack time, some of them are shy communicating with a counselor in person. Everyone will be able to find the communication channel that satisfies their personal needs and preferences. Usually, clients can connect with an online specialist via instant text messages at a scheduled time as well as have a phone or video call to boost the progress. Choose the plan that you like the most and benefit from online counseling.

  7. Safe and Relaxing Environment
  8. You can talk to a specialist via any gadget of your preference at any time at any place. It will create a relaxing and safe environment so you can focus on your feelings. As a result, you will be able to achieve progress faster. Moreover, you can have online sessions while being fully comfortable on your couch in a living room. If you are swamped with work, you can do this even from your office or in a car on your way back home.

  9. Consistent and Effective Treatment
  10. Online marriage counseling platforms hire only the most dedicated and experienced industry professionals. They are all licensed and skilled enough to provide you effective and consistent counseling.

    Just give online marriage counseling a try, and you will be able to feel positive improvements in your relationships shortly. Experts that specialize in reconciling couples possess all the knowledge and techniques to make the counseling process efficient and give people another chance to rebuild their partnership.

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Plans from $65 / week

Plans from $65 / week