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What Is EFT Therapy? Find the Answer Here

Emotionally-focused therapy, also known as Couples Therapy, is based on the idea that our emotions have the power to help us make the right decisions. Therefore, if an individual lacks awareness of their feelings or deliberately avoids negative feelings, that person will not be capable of understanding what those emotions mean. So, the EFT’s primary goal is to guide the individuals to get a complete understanding of their feelings and the feelings of people surrounding them. Therapists and psychologists apply this EFT approach to help both individuals and couples to find a better way to communicate, resolve conflicts, manage stress, etc. Moreover, this approach may help people get more attuned to their feelings and educate them on using the information provided by those emotions. All of this will help individuals find ways to cope with complicated feelings that they live through regularly. EFT training is a combination of various different psychotherapy methods.

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What Does EFT Teach?

Usually, EFT is aimed at helping people to develop two crucial skills. The first one is learning to identify and understand their own feelings better and apply them in the real world. The second skill is to do both actions and understand what their emotions provide and avoid harmful feelings.

How Work of the EFT Professionals Is Carried Out?

EFT specialists’ main job is to help their clients by carrying out a safe and non-judgmental space for the therapy EFT process. The therapists should actively listen to the individual’s concerns, observe them, and guide them to a better understanding of their feelings. EFT professionals can implement this EFT therapy approach both with individuals and couples.

Moreover, the therapists use various tools to assist the clients in finding healthier ways to use their emotions so that they will be able to use them as guides for their actions and behaviors. The specialists also help couples or individuals find out what negative feelings or stressful belief systems could be the reason for problems in their lives, at jobs, in their relationships, with their family, friends, and relatives.

What Problems Do EFT Specialists Treat?

Typically, emotion focused therapy professionals help individuals to overcome a variety of issues. But their main focus is on solo clients and couples that have problems in their personal lives and find it challenging to maintain healthy relationships. The therapists help those individuals or couples find and address destructive and even dangerous emotions that could be the main reason for their behaviors.

For instance, the emotionally focused therapy counselor may treat an individual suffering from depression and spends most of their time alone. In such a case, the therapists will try to help the individual determine the reason for the depression, since they may be deliberately trying to avoid situations that are the cause of sadness.

Moreover, an emotionally focused therapy specialist may treat people that suffer from anxiety. For example, the type that prevents the person from leaving his/her home. Such a patient may feel that he/she cannot leave home and communicate with other people because of some fears or excessive worrying.

Also, emotionally focused therapy professionals assist couples and individuals in addressing their feelings adequately. Therefore, they teach them to view their emotions as difficult or painful states and valuable sources of information.

Some studies claim that since emotionally focused therapy for individuals places a significant focus on the impact of emotions, it can be beneficial in treating different mental issues.

Besides, it is worth noting that even though EFT counseling was found to treat depression, it evolved into a common practice that is now used to treat various psychological issues. The mental health problems that typically can be solved by the help of this mental health approach include eating disorders, self-esteem issues, domestic violence, anxiety, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, neglect, financial problems, suicidal thoughts, etc.

What Does the Initial EFT Session Look Like?

The first session of EFT counseling aims to identify and understand the individual’s or couple’s emotions. Therefore, people may find out about new ways to do the following:

  • Notice and understand their feelings;
  • Regulate their feelings;
  • Become more aware of why they are feeling that way;
  • Gain awareness of emotional occurrences.
During the initial EFT therapy session, as well as during all subsequent ones, the professional will assign to the client one or more of such goals:

  • Question and challenge unhealthy and inaccurate feelings and beliefs Correctly;
  • Learn to use helpful feelings to guide to appropriate behaviors;
  • Develop predetermined personal responses to social situations;
  • To distinguish helpful and unhelpful feelings properly;
  • To identify the real reasons for one’s distress.
Note: the emotion focused therapy approach will be most helpful when the clients learn to distinguish their emotions, raise awareness, and realize how those feelings affect people around them. Also, for this counseling approach to be truly successful, people have to improve their ability to analyze, inspect, and control their feelings to eliminate unhealthy and destructive behaviors.

What Qualities Should EFT Professionals Possess?

If you think that EFT therapy would be helpful in your case, it is recommended to look for such a therapist that has the experience and is highly-qualified in the field of emotionally focused therapy techniques and methods. Therefore, the professional you chose to use should help you identify, analyze, and manage the emotions you feel in everyday situations.

Moreover, the good thing is that EFT therapy has been proven to be effective and help many people. But, you must understand how vital the therapist is in this process. Therefore, finding a qualified therapist that is also well-experienced in the EFT therapy field is necessary.

However, the truth is that finding a suitable therapist is not so easy. Try asking for references from previous clients with similar issues, the price for their services, proof of experience, success rate, etc.

The Bottom Line

Emotionally focused therapy is known as one of the most successful counseling methods that help both individuals and couples deal with their issues. Years of study have proven that this approach is highly effective for people that are suffering from anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, anger management problems, and various other mental health illnesses.

If you are wondering, “How to find a provider of EFT therapy near me?” here’s an answer for you. When it comes to finding the perfect EFT counseling service provider, the person has to choose between online and in-person therapy. Our busy everyday schedules make it quite complicated to devote some time to in-person treatment since it requires a lot of time. Also, the pricing in online EFT therapy is usually much lower, so many people choose online counseling instead because of its cost.

If you worry that online counseling won’t be as effective as in-person, it’s not the case. The truth is that both therapy types can be successful only if the person who resorts to such a service actually wants to get better. Online EFT therapy does an excellent job of alleviating stress and anxiety and improving an individual’s overall functioning.

Therapy sessions carried out over the Internet include various counseling methods, and emotionally focused therapy for individuals is one of them. EFT therapy approach can be applied to both individuals and couples. People choose top therapy platforms over in-person sessions because it is much easier and faster to contact a qualified therapist over the Internet rather than drive to a real-life office. Moreover, make couples feel more comfortable speaking about their issues through a website rather than to a person directly.

Whatever therapy type you choose, make sure that the selected therapy professional company is highly-qualified and has enough experience in the emotionally focused therapy approach. And remember that only with your strong desire to work on your issues you can get better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is EFT in Counseling?

Answer: Emotional focused therapy, or the so-called EFT, is a humanistic approach to psychotherapy that has been established back in the 1980s. It is especially helpful for couples that are tired of fighting and need help dealing with their emotional distance, but it is also widely applied for individuals. This mental health approach helps the clients notice their feelings and find a way to use them correctly without keeping those emotions buried underneath.

How Does EFT Therapy Work?

Answer: The emotionally focused therapy is based on attachment theory. Therefore, the EFT therapy approach is based on the idea that people’s problems in their lives and relationships are directly connected to their feelings of abandonment and fears. One of the aims of the EFT therapy approach is to help clients deal with the present insecurities and reduce adverse reactions and strengthen their relationships with the people surrounding them.

Does Emotionally Focused Therapy Work?

Answer: Many studies have proven that emotionally focused therapy is effective. It is especially successful when applied to people that have depression, trauma, or some kind of interpersonal problems.

Is EFT Really Effective?

Answer: Yes. A thorough study of this psychotherapy method’s effectiveness has proven that emotionally focused therapy is a successful treatment method for many individuals and couples. Primarily, it is useful for those that are dealing with fear, anger issues, loss of trust, etc. It is also one of the best methods that help people reduce the symptoms of depression or trauma.

How Does EFT Affect the Brain?

Answer: Emotionally focused therapy deals with human emotions and our behaviors that occur because of them. Since our emotions’ primary function is to inform us about our environment, the EFT method helps us recognize and understand them. Therefore, it makes it easier for people to build safer and healthier relationships.