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Updated on November 1st, 2023

What is CBT Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy refers to an instrumental part of the psychotherapeutic treatment procedure. It involves identifying destructive cognitive thoughts and behavioral patterns by people that transcend into harmful behaviors and tendencies. The entire structure for cognitive behavioral therapy aims at the identification of negative thoughts by a person.

CBT therapy involves evaluating the emotional responses of a person due to negative cognitive behavioral thoughts they bear. Furthermore, the negative behavioral thoughts are closely related to experiencing bouts of anxiety. The persistence of these negative behavioral thoughts in a person mainly ruins a good mood.

A successful CBT online process is one that identifies a particular negative thought pattern, analyses it, and replaces it with a positive one. A comprehensive category of CBT strategies is used when changing one’s mindset. A host of CBT techniques that form part of the CBT process includes:

  • Journaling;
  • Distracting your mind;
  • Relaxing approaches;

Categories of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Online CBT majorly focuses on the underlying behaviors and thoughts shared by a person. CBT makes use of various behavioral strategies to bring out each aspect of a person critically. The behavioral strategies show how work with CBT therapists can start with self-service as it grows to psychotherapy. Below is a list of some common therapeutic behavioral strategies used when conducting the CBT process.

  • Cognitive therapy revolves around early identification of destructive thought patterns and uncontrolled behaviors.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy sorts a variety of emotional responses showcased by different people.
  • Multimodal therapy aims at rectifying psychological issues through a seven-course of interconnected modalities.
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy involves changing one’s core irrational beliefs that carry a bearing on their cognitive thought process. It helps identify the core belief while challenging its root cause to shift the cognitive patterns that exist.

Each CBT technique uses a different route when under analysis. CBT aims at bringing an in-depth analysis of the root causes of different cognitive thought patterns.

Application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Online

Cognitive behavioral therapy revolves around providing solutions to people with various problems. Online CBT enables patients to maintain a shape focus when it comes to cognitive thoughts. The application of cognitive behavioral therapy allows in a vast host of conditions from:

  • Addiction;
  • Anxiety;
  • Bipolar disorder;
  • Anger issues;
  • Depression;
  • Phobias;
  • Problems with stress;
  • Panic attacks.

Impact of Online CBT Therapy

The root basis for CBT bases on how people express their feelings that greatly influence our cognitive behaviors. Take the case of an adult who fears road carnages or any form of accidents. The thought of traveling creates fear for the person hence influencing their behavioral patterns.

Mental health consumers are gradually revolutionizing how people access cognitive behavioral therapy. Health professionals are becoming increasingly more open to advocating for cognitive behavioral strategies as a working solution for patients. The popularity of CBT therapy is due to several reasons, such as:

  • Online CBT therapy breeds a healthy culture that comprises healthy thinking patterns that helps in eliminating negative thoughts and feelings.
  • It assists patients diagnosed with different types of emotional distress that cannot stretch to the use of psychotropic medication.
  • It has an empirical underpinning proven in helping patients effectively in overcoming a myriad of maladaptive behaviors.

A significant attribute that separates cognitive behavioral therapy from other therapy strategies is the development of patients afterward. Patients can develop coping skills after going through therapy sessions. These coping skills can prove useful in both current situations and future ones.

Strategies for CBT Training Online

The foundation of one’s core beliefs is aided with a healthy path taken for showcasing feelings and thoughts. Having a robust belief system can prove problematic to a person, especially when developing different behaviors. The behaviors have a great impact on various aspects, including living areas and family interrelationships.

Identification of Negative Thoughts

The presence of maladaptive behaviors shows proof of a deep-seated influence of feelings, thoughts, and situations. It can prove a hard initial step towards the treatment process when the particular person suffers from introspection. The manifestation of this stage can lead to self-discovery, which plays an integral role in self-discovery.

Adoption of New Skills

One major determinant of the success of the therapy session is gaining new skills for the patients. The patients need to have coping skills that apply to real-life situations. When going through a drug addiction phase, they have to develop coping skills to fight the urge. The patient must develop new ways to maintain their soberness even when amid social interactions.

Goal Setting

An essential step towards recovery in mental health is setting a feasible objective. The joy of achieving results and goals set improves one’s chance of making a full recovery. A therapist plays a vital role in setting goals. The therapist helps in the identification of goals for the patient. They can either help the patient settle for short-term or long-term goals. It’s best to set feasible objectives that go a long way in motivating the patient. This approach ensures the focus of the program lies in bringing out the desirable outcome.

Problem Solving

Part of the steps toward recovery is knowing what causes your negative thoughts. The skills help in reducing the negative cause that goes towards psychological and physical illness. Five steps go towards the problem-solving process.

It includes identification of a problem, creating various options of possible solutions, evaluation of strengths and weaknesses for every listed solution. It follows by selecting a viable solution to implement and implementations of different solutions.

What Is Online CBT Therapy?

Online cognitive behavioral therapy offers a short fix in the treatment process carried on a website. The online sessions introduce patients with cognitive behavioral problems to expert health professionals. The professionals guide the patients through online sessions on their path to self-recovery. The online CBT sessions spread through a course of time that can extend to months, depending on the individual case.

Can You Do Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Online?

Yes. Controlled studies have shown that online cognitive behavioral therapy sessions have a high efficacy level for solving anxiety problems.  Furthermore, CBT online attributes to solving a host of mental health and other adjustment problems.

All you need to do is subscribe to a specific platform that offers online sessions for cognitive behavioral therapy. You can access the services through various media, including:

  • Live chats;
  • Video chats;
  • Phone calls;
  • Text messaging;

The choice of the medium depends on the patient. After that, you establish a rapport with the program. You get linked with a psychologist to take you through the online sessions. It follows with the identification of goals for the treatment process.

Working with professional help in normalizing health issues to understand the current status of the patient. The expert acts as a guide and offers complete assessments to view mental health status.

Does CBT Have a High Success Rate?

Recent research has proven that CBT is the recommended treatment procedure for overcoming many mental health issues. CBT has a 50-75% success rate when it comes to battling anxiety and depression between either 5 to 15 modules.

Medication is an effective method for battling depression and anxiety. However, research gaps exist that explain the long term effects of medication of both the body and brain. The combination of medication and cognitive behavioral therapy provides significant results for overcoming a host of mental health issues.

Self-help sessions have shown to have a significant rate in lowering the depression symptoms in comparison to in-person treatment. Online cognitive treatment procedures have up to 82% success rate.

Does CBT Really Work?

Yes. CBT psychotherapy plays an important role when it comes to developing coping skills among patients. Patients learn different means of coping with various situations, behaviors, and feelings. In terms of coping with anxiety, you learn other skills that help avoid situations that result in increased fears. A patient becomes more open to managing different situations in a manageable manner through counseling.

The results from the online CBT sessions give patients a better understanding of behaviors and their motivators. Furthermore, the patient can learn cognitive developmental skills that go towards coping.

Not all online CBT activities imply the use of special techniques. Some online sessions depend on collaborative work with the expert that goes a long way in nursing the issue. It helps in creating an online treatment strategy for a specific situation.

How Much Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Cost?

The general price of the online therapy sessions varies from one therapist to the other. It costs less to work with a pre-licensed CBT therapist compared to online sessions with a licensed CBT therapist. You will expect a higher fee charged for the first intake online CBT sessions and extended sessions.

Different online platforms charge, depending on the occupation of the patient. Therefore you pay for CBT therapy services that you can afford. It is possible to find low-cost online CBT therapy for the treatment of various mental illnesses. An added package with online platforms includes mental health services with free cognitive behavioral therapy.

Online CBT Works – If You Get the Right Experts

Online CBT uses a problem specific technique that goes a long way in highlighting specific problems. It gives you several therapeutic tools that help in overcoming various problems. You will find a vast difference that exists, separating online CBT from standard in-person therapy in terms of positive outcomes.

What to Look for When Selecting a CBT Therapist

Many online CBT therapists offer similar online services, making it a daunting task for finding your preferred one. Here are various options you need to consider before selecting one.


You need to set a clear budget for how much you are willing to spend on your online CBT sessions. Consider it a real investment in your wellbeing. Online CBT therapy can fall under your insurance over for a cost-effective option.


All licensed online CBT therapists fall under a professional body that helps in governing their standards, ethics, and regulations. An online CBT therapist that is part of a professional body increases positive outcomes from your online therapy sessions.

Personal Recommendations

It can be reassuring working with a CBT therapist recommended by close friends and family. Online CBT therapy sessions are common; hence it is easy to find one that fits you.

Your main goal should be finding a preferred CBT therapist with whom you are comfortable with. It is not given that each therapist will work for you. You can try DrMental Company that provides information about top online therapy solutions for your needs and offers advice on how to work with a preferred CBT therapist.

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