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Ellen Bobruff-Reese
Updated on October 1st, 2023

What is LGBTQ Therapy?

Members that conform to the LGBTQ community need counseling attention similar to non-LGBTQ members. LGTBQ therapy is an approach that embraces a positive view of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. The online therapist sessions help in counseling when it comes to identities and relationships experienced by the members. The therapist sessions further explore negative influences due to homophobia, heterosexism, and transphobia with its impact on the lives of the LGBTQ members.

In most cases, a person’s sexual identity might not be the source of distress. People who conform to the LGBTQ community may find that the social stigma associated with living as a social minority brings about anxiety and depression. An online LGBTQ gender therapist helps the patient work through finding one’s gender identity for positive therapy outcomes.

Potential Issues Addressed by Online Gender Therapist

There is a continued persistence of oppression, marginalization, and discrimination of members of the LGBTQ community. It is despite the growing cultural acceptance of diverse romantic orientation and gender identification. The bias starts at the home of the patients from their loved ones. It grows to the rest of the community. “Coming out” becomes a severe case for members who conform to the community.

It becomes challenging for members to bring their authentic selves to the society amid the pressures to fit societal expectations. It leads to high levels of social anxiety, depressions, substance abuse, personality disorders, and a host of mental health issues.

Some issues faced by members of the LGBTQ community relate similarly to non-members faced in mental health. The members face the same life struggles in their lives. Therefore, they are victims of daily stressors, including low self-esteem, mood swings, and other related concerns at the workplace.

People that have a diverse gender identification have high tendencies of risk towards suicidal tendencies and self-harm. It is majorly due to the discrimination that society places on people who conform to a different social identity that goes beyond the gender normative roles.

Children are most likely to experience victimization and bullying from their fellow children due to conforming to different gender identity. Discrimination takes various means, such as verbal confrontations, social rejections, sexual assault, and bullying. Continued portrays of these acts lead to increased bouts of stress and deteriorating mental health. Adults are also victims of some forms of discrimination in their daily lives.

What Is Gender Dysphoria as Seen by an LGBT Therapist?

Biological sex is given at birth through the identification of the appearance of the genitals. Gender identity refers to how you feel to be yourself. Gender incongruence refers to having a difference in your biological sex compared to your gender identity.

Most people often interchange the meaning of gender identity and biological sex. A person might identify as a woman but with a man’s anatomy. Furthermore, a person can feel not to conform to either sex of male or female.

Gender incongruence creates an unsettling feeling that is used to describe gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is not a mental health issue but recognized as a mental condition. It can be treated with gender counseling by a gender therapist.

Symptoms of Gender Dysphoria

People with this mental condition develop different feelings and behaviors. The growth of these symptoms start from childhood and grows into adulthood. Some common signs exhibited in children include:

  • Preference in relating to children of the opposite sex;
  • Drawing an affinity to dressing similar to the opposite sex;
  • High anxiety due to physical changes during puberty.

In case, as an adult, you went through these phases, you have a clear sense of what it means with gender dysphoria. If you did not go through the phases as a child, you might start going through them as adults. Some common symptoms related to people in their adulthood include:

  • Strong desire to change one’s genitals;
  • Finding comfort when assuming the gender role of the opposite biological sex;
  • Knowing your gender identity is different compared to your biological sex;
  • Strong desire to hide any features known to your gender.

Types of Online Gender LGBT Counseling Recommended

Each member of the LGBTQ community that suffers from anxiety or depression can find therapy services that suit their situation. Here is a list of some of the recommended online gender therapy techniques that work best for such people.

Individual Therapy

It provides an alternative for an individual to work through challenging issues with a therapist vulnerably. The LGBTQ therapy program works in a caring and supportive environment. Through psychotherapy, the patients can process topics that tend to isolate them. They can sort through trauma, relationship woes, mood disorders, addiction, and other underlying issues.

Some benefits of working through individual therapy offer the patient that a therapist meets them where they are in their battles. The therapy provides a support frame to help them cope with challenges. Furthermore, they learn how to cope with childhood trauma while working through depression and anxiety.

Couples Gender Therapy

The therapy program provides an opportunity for sexual partners who conform to the LGBTQ community to address their emotional relationships. The online therapy sessions play a significant role in solving communication problems that exist. Through the online therapy sessions, the couples can sort through attachment, trust, emotional and physical intimacy.

The online gender therapy sessions help regulate emotions while improving communication skills that solve past and present problems. Couples of the LGBTQ community can enhance their healthy attachments, sexuality, gender identity, and trust.

Family Therapy

The family is a social knit fabric that holds together members facing struggles faced by the LGBTQ community. The personal wellbeing of members is a significant determinant of relations with family members. Social rejection starts in the family set up, with acceptance becoming a significant issue for members.

The online therapy sessions help to get changes in the family system to boost relationships. The session helped in determining patterns, dynamics, and strengths that elicit conversations in a positive environment. It helps in making members feel accepted and in-tune with healthy interactions.

What is Online Gender LGBTQ Counseling?

Online gender therapy or LGBTQ counseling refers to working with licensed gender health professionals. The licensed professional works with the patient through online therapy sessions to find one’s identity and help them cope with challenges faced by members of the LGBTQ community.

A person books an appointment using an online gender therapy platform. After that, they are paired with an online gender therapist who best fits their current struggles. The patient goes through an initial evaluation where they build a rapport with the online gender therapist. The patient provides a background in their lives. Furthermore, the online gender therapist learns the reasons why you need counseling. LGBTQ therapy goes a long way in helping the therapist select a preferred treatment process for all underlying issues.

How Do I Find an Online LGTBQ Friendly Gender Therapist?

Different online gender therapy platforms are offering counseling services for LGBTQ members. It starts with scheduling a first online therapy appointment with the gender therapist. You will build a rapport with the gender therapist while telling your life to them. You will go through an initial evaluation that offers them a background into your life. The psychologist will answer your questions regarding the service. You get a clue of what to expect from the therapy.

While working together, you develop a therapy treatment plan that works best for you. In case you like to proceed with the online sessions, you can book for further appointments. During the following appointments, you set goals for the overall therapy experience.

What is Online Lesbian Counseling?

It involves the collaborative work between online lesbian therapists and a lesbian in sorting through identifies and relationships in therapy. The online therapy sessions help in addressing negative influences that homophobia and heterosexism have on their lives.

The online gender therapy sessions help lesbians deal with discrimination while learning how to foster relationships with other people. The LGBTQ therapy program provides opportunities for exploring gender identities and expressions. The counselee can work through trauma faced either through family, at work, or in public when conforming as a lesbian. Relationship issues are also part of the counseling program in unearthing problems related to their daily lives.

Is Online Gay Counselling Effective?

Yes. The whole online gay counseling is not all about the “coming out” process or exploring identities. The online gay counselors focus on treatment processes for individuals relating to spirituality, romantic relationships, career-adjustment, parent-child relationships, school performance, and aging. It shows how work can cause stressors in one’s life.

Online therapy sessions or counseling are significant compared to in-person counseling. It is because the patient can work with a professional in the comfort of their home. You might lose the nuance of sharing body language, but it compensates with the feeling of calmness in opening up in a safe environment.

Online therapy counseling has a top success rate in offering tentative care with quality professional behavior. Most online therapy counseling sessions cater to the needs and norms of the gay community. Affirming online gender therapists help in boosting the interactions between people for higher success rates.

How Much Does Online LGBTQ Counseling Cost?

Some people might feel hesitant about committing to online LGBTQ counseling since it’s a relatively new concept. The charges for online counseling sessions usually vary depending on the nature of the service. The price charged for online counseling depends on the length of sessions. It also includes the experience of the counselor and their educational background. Some online counseling services might not charge the standard flat rate but charge based on the minute.

Some online therapy services charge on a weekly or monthly basis. You can find other therapy services charging based on membership. The fees can accumulate gradually with each online therapy session, inclusive of unlimited chats within the subscribed month. Signing up to the company gives you a good chance of accessing licensed mental health providers and counselors.

You can select a preferred online counselor who suits your specific needs in the therapy session. The online therapy costs of having a weekly program with the counselor can be equal to the standard costs charged for in-person sessions. You can check if online insurance covers it to reduce the financial implications of subscribing to these LGBTQ therapy services.

Considerations When Searching for an LGBTQ Therapist

An insurance cover might come in handy in case your LGBT therapist accepts it. Here are various options you need to consider before enrolling for the sessions:


The first step in evaluating your gender therapist online is their education level. Your therapist should be a licensed professional with their academic credentials on display. It reduces the strain if you need medication during the process.


Your therapist should be a professional with enough experience in the industry. Working with a fresh graduate might not bear positive outcomes compared to working with a professional who understands their field.


You need to make a cost plan evaluation of how much you will spend during your sessions. Cheap sessions might not have positive outcomes. But it does not mean an expensive one is much better for your case.

It can prove a daunting task to find the right therapist that fits your case. The DrMental website provides an option for users who are looking for LBTQ therapy. You can find detailed descriptions of therapy services and their benefits. You can choose the best one for your problem to make an appointment with an LGBTQ therapist and take control of your mental health.

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