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Updated on October 1st, 2023

Find the Best Child Psychologist Online

Is your child struggling with stresses at home/ school, trauma from a past or recent event, or mental illness? Has he/she has exhibited learning/ developmental problems? Counseling might the next best cause to help your child cope with these issues. Familiarize yourself with child psychology, what it involves, and how to find the best child psychologists near you.

What is Child Psychology?

Child psychology is a psychology branch that involves research and treatment of psychological conditions affecting people in formative years. An expert charged with treating issues relating to kids and their families is known as a child psychologist. You can find them in schools, mental health clinics, hospitals, government facilities, etc. A psychologist is charged with conducting tests, doing research, and taking part in therapy sessions with affected individuals.

Commonly Asked Questions About Children’s Psychologist

What would you like to know about a child psychologist? DrMental has put together expert answers to the most commonly asked questions on this topic. Check them out.

How Do I Choose a Child Psychologist?

Identifying the best psychologist for your kid can be difficult if you’re unsure of what to look for in one. Depending on your area, you can find numerous licensed psychologists who deal with kids. So, how can I pick a good child psychologist near me?

Try consulting your child school’s guidance and counseling office or asking another parent friend for a psychologist referral. If these two don’t work for you or don’t yield results, you may also search for a top psychologist online. Keep reading to find out where you can get the best psychologist for your child.

What Questions Should I Ask My Child Psychologist?

Kids psychology is a well-explored specialty with plenty of licensed practitioners. So, vet the recommendations/ suggestions you find to know if you’re making the right choice. Before you schedule the first session for your child, ask the psychologist some or all these questions:

  • What’s your qualification and background in psychotherapy?
  • What’s a typical session like? How long does it go for?
  • Will I be included in the treatment for my child?
  • Do you prescribe medication for mental illnesses? Under what circumstance do you do so?
  • How long do does treatment typically go for?
  • What payment options are available to me? Do you accept insurance?

What Does Child Psychology Involve?

Child psychology deals with research and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional issues affecting kids and teens. A psychologist specialized in this field may work in the research sphere (private or government organizations) or a clinical setting. A clinical kids psychologist works directly with minors and may sometimes involve teachers, guardians, and family. Children’s psychologists’ job is to help the kids deal with their disorders/ problems and ultimately recover/ overcome them.

How Often Should a Child See a Therapist?

The sessions’ frequency will depend on the therapist’s and your child’s schedule, conditions being treated, and total sessions needed. The psychologist will advise you on the sessions that your child should attend per week after reviewing your situation. In many cases, that turns out to be one or two 45-60 minutes sessions a week.

For online child counseling, sessions are often shorter and more frequent. The goal is to incorporate therapy into the child’s lifestyle to not seem like a burden. Many factors, including frequency, length, and the sessions’ overall goal, will determine how long e-therapy lasts. It may last weeks, months, or years.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Behavioral Therapy?

Kids may develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, bipolar, anxiety, depression, among other behavioral disorders. As a parent/ guardian, it’s best to identify the warning signs early to get help for your child. But you also have to distinguish between normal reactions to daily life challenges and real behavioral issues. Some red flags that tell you that your child needs a behavioral psychologist include:

  • Frequent kicking, biting, hitting, or headbanging (in younger kids);
  • Dramatic/ exaggerated mood swings;
  • Regular nightmares;
  • A tendency to damage/ smash property;
  • Disregard for authority (like disrespecting teachers);
  • Serial lying, cheating, or even stealing;
  • Alarming academic performance;
  • Frequent fights with other kids at school;
  • Drug or alcohol use;
  • Poor eating or sleeping tendencies;
  • Severe social anxiety;
  • Skipping classes;
  • Self-harm, suicide threats, or attempted suicide (seek medical intervention immediately);
  • Wanting to run away.

Online Pediatric Counseling: How it Works, Types, Problems Treated, & More

These days, you don’t need to walk into a psychologist’s office to get help for your child. You can find a child psychologist from your home via a computer. The best mental health professionals have added online psychotherapy to their modes of treatment to reach more people. Learn more about this option below.

How Does the Best Child E-Therapy Work?

E-therapy for children, though new, maybe just as helpful as in-office sessions. For the most part, the psychologist holds sessions via remote communication methods. That is chat, video, or phone call. If you want to get started, a counseling website assesses your child’s mental situation through some questions and then assigned the best psychologist.

Since e-therapy is meant to be flexible, you will have full control of when the sessions will happen. For a psychologist who offers services through various channels, you pick what works for you and your child. The counselor will have private sessions with your child and separate sessions with you to give you progress updates. If your child is familiar with FaceTime, Skype, and such, they won’t have a problem using an e-therapy platform.

The Different Types of Child Therapy

There are various types of child therapy, some best for young children and others more suited for teens. A child psychologist may also specialize in either category of children or both. So, what therapy variations can a pediatric psychologist near me offer my child?

Play Therapy

A psychologist may use playing time to observe a child and get the best insights into their struggles. Young children are often unable to share their emotions or struggles with adults. Therefore, the best play treatment is about creating a conducive space for a kid to be themselves. It is suited for treating children between three and twelve experiencing problems like delayed development, learning issues, PTSD, anxiety, depressive disorder, and more.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a psychotherapy treatment that helps identify and change destructive or harmful thought patterns that negatively impact behavior. CBT can be conducted on adults and children and focuses on a person’s cognitive processes, i.e., beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions. CBT is best for treating depression, eating disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, anger issues, etc.

Private Talk Therapy

Some children just need someone to talk issues over with without the fear of judgment or punishment. But knowing how work and family responsibilities can be overwhelming, you might offer the best listening ear. Talk counseling is where the psychologist holds sessions with your child to discuss and help overcome issues.

Group Therapy

If your child struggles with social anxiety, bullying, making friends, or even self-isolation, the psychologist might recommend group therapy. Group counseling typically involves a therapist counseling more than one child at the same time. For the best results, group therapy is done in addition to individual therapy.

Family Therapy

Family counseling is where the psychologist arranges joint sessions where you, your child, and even other home members can attend. This type of counseling is best for working through divorce, death, relocation, ailments, sudden financial change, etc. The goal of family therapy is to break barriers and strengthen connections between family.

Problems and Conditions the Child Psychologists Treat

Online psychologists are qualified and licensed mental health professionals like those you will find in a typical clinic setting. So, you can expect that they are trained to treat all kinds of psychological conditions in children. These psychologists are the best choice to help if your child with problems/ conditions such as:

  • Anxiety and stress;
  • Self-esteem issues;
  • Eating disorders;
  • PTSD;
  • Bullying;
  • Anger;
  • Behavioral issues;
  • Bipolar disorder;
  • Phobias;
  • Panic disorder;
  • OCD.

Why Should I Opt for an Online Children’s Therapist Near Me?

Online therapy is convenient and private and can help your child commit themselves to attend. Your child may find it easier to open up to the psychologist as they don’t have to face them physically. Online therapy can be done on the phone, which means that your child takes it wherever they go.

It is also the best option for tech-savvy teens. There are just so many benefits to online therapy for kids. Aside from being a friendly alternative that appeals to younger generations, it also goes easy on your pocket. A traditional therapy session’s price is almost equivalent to a weeks’ worth of the best online therapy.

How Do I Find a Psychologist for My Child? Useful Tips

How can I find the best child therapist near me? Take your time selecting a psychologist for your child to ensure to make the best choice. Some valuable tips that should help guide you to find the best psychologist:

Do Ample Research to Compare and Contrast the Best Platforms

There are numerous therapy options online for kids. Check out as many as you can to know what they offer, what kind of specialists they have, and how much they cost.

Consider Referral from Friends and Family

You can also ask your friends, family, or child’s school counseling office for a referral. Consider these referrals and compare them to what you have found through your research to get the best.

Vet At least Three Best Psychologists Before Deciding

Settle on about three online psychologists and vet them some more by contacting them directly. You can prepare questions about your concerns before your interaction.

Be Sure of the Psychologist’s Credentials Before Hiring Them

Don’t assume that the psychologist is qualified or licensed. Check the credentials published by the company and be sure of what they mean.

Ask to Talk to a Previous Parent the Therapist Has Assisted

If you’re still in doubt about your choice, ask the psychologist to connect you with a previous parent. This move may help you feel more confident in the skills of the therapist.

Talk to the Psychologist on Call or Video

Lastly, talk to the psychologist you’ve chosen about your kid’s condition or struggle. Ask about their approach and therapy style to be sure that your child is getting the best care.


Kids, like any other group of people, go through psychological and emotional challenges. These difficulties may affect their behavior, relationships with others at home or school, academic performance, etc. If you notice symptoms of mental issues or a worrying behavioral change in your child, it’s best to get a child psychologist.

Can I get a child psychologist in my area? DrMental has compiled detailed descriptions of therapy services and the benefits that you should check out. You can also access more useful information about psychology and therapy.

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