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Updated on December 1st, 2021

Does Counseling Help With PTSD?

Counseling can help with PTSD, but it is not as effective as online or virtual CBT psychotherapy. This is because the online counseling test generally lasts for a short period and is not as deep as virtual CBT psychotherapy. Still, you should keep in mind that online counselors are trained to listen to PTSD patients and support them as they try to recover from their condition. CBT PTSD counseling will work best for people with milder forms of PTSD. Mental health conditions resulting from issues like long-term sexual assault or the death of close friends or family members can be too severe and may not be treated effectively through online or virtual counseling. If you find the virtual CBT counseling test sessions unproductive, you should be open with your psychotherapy professional so that they can recommend a good online CBT psychotherapy professional.

What Are the Five Stages of PTSD?

PTSD can be divided into five phases or stages, and the first of them is the impact phase. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, the impact phase may last for a long time, especially if they do not receive any PTSD counseling or CBT therapy.

In the second stage of PTSD, the victim will start processing the event and will make an effort to undo some of the physical impacts of the events. As an example, a person who suffered sexual assault will be able to visit the doctor when they get the second stage of PTSD. It is also common for people at this stage of PTSD to start working with a CBT counselor or therapy expert. They can take a PTSD test online and proceed with the treatment.

The third stage of PTSD is known as the immediate recovery phase, and here, the patient will be getting back to their normal activities. At this point, the psychotherapy patient will usually be attending online or virtual therapy and counseling CBT sessions or taking a test to determine the real source of the problem.

The fourth stage is the altruism or disillusionment phase. At this phase, the patient may be overwhelmed by the pity or support they receive, or they may be disappointed that they are not receiving enough attention from their friends and family members.

The fifth stage of PTSD is a long-term reconstruction, and this stage involves rebuilding yourself and getting through the traumatic event. At this stage, it is crucial that one treats the condition adequately with CBT counseling or therapy. This is because poor psychotherapy treatment can have detrimental long-term effects on an individual’s life.

Karen Turner
Karen Turner

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