What Is Hypnotherapy

Marlene Shiple
Updated on December 1st, 2021

What Are the Risks of Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy isn’t a harmful process. It is not like brainwashing or any mind control procedure. You shouldn’t live in fear that the counselor can make you do an embarrassing thing or something you might regret later.

In fact, hypnosis only proceeds after the client confirms their willingness to participate. However, it is worth noting that the greatest risk of hypnosis lies in the fact that false memories can be created under some circumstances.

How Many Sessions of Hypnotherapy Are Recommended?

Different therapists use individual methods to approach and solve various issues, depending on their work experience and training. An average hypnotherapy session will take about 6 to 8 sessions to treat most conditions. On the other hand, only one session of hypnosis might be needed for smoking cessation.

Does Hypnotherapy Really Work?

Studies conducted by medical specialists and research institutes have shown that hypnotherapy or hypnosis therapy is 90% successful. Additionally, when hypnosis is performed professionally with self-hypnosis tapes and guided by a treatment scheme, the rate is even higher. Also, it is common for people who have undergone hypnosis sessions to recommend them to others. This form of therapy is also claimed to be 80% successful in helping people addicted to smoking.

Marlene Shiple
Marlene Shiple

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